Seeking error, he instead found, accepted truth

Once Bishop Robert Nielsen didn't believe in God, but his curious nature and his love of truth led to belief and many changes in his life.

"I didn't believe in anything I couldn't see or feel," said Bishop Nielsen of the Odense 2nd Ward, Aarhus Denmark Stake."I was not a bad person, but I relied on logic in my thinking. I have always felt there was a purpose for life and there was an after-life. I was always searching and interested."

It was the interest in a lovely young lady that opened the gospel door for Bishop Nielsen.

"I became acquainted with a girl, who is now my wife, Elsa," he explained. "We met at a party, and she stood out. Something was different, and that interested me. I wanted to learn more about her."

However, when he found that she was a religious person, "I set out to prove something was wrong with her church."

That didn't discourage Elsa. She invited him to family home evening, and introduced him to the missionaries. It took nine months for his questioning mind to accept the gospel, but he was baptized on Dec. 31, 1972.

"Elsa guided me to my conversion," he related.

He worked as a carpenter's apprentice months before fulfilling his military obligation. After his yearlong military service was completed, he was called to serve in the England Bristol Mission.

The mission was successful. And his relationship with Elsa, continued by mail, was also successful. When his mission concluded in August 1977, he returned to work as a carpenter. He and Elsa were married the following October.

Their son, Christopher, 3, has added a great deal of meaning and joy to their lives.

Although he was doing well as a carpenter, he wanted to work with people. He became a sales representative for building materials.

Elsa is a social worker for "Families in Crisis." She, too, is interested in people.

"I have seen what the Church is able to do for people," she said. "My parents were converted when I was 2 years old, and I was baptized at 8. I know the Church can bring the things people need for real happiness. In the Church is the spiritual and social fulfillment that people need.

"Yes, we have a challenge, but the answer is found in Church principles. Members of the Church have a protection," she said. "Though I can't use religion in my work, the principles apply."

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