Mom passes love for sacred tenets to her children

Mom was always anxious that we learn the gospel, and [sheT read children's Bible and Book of Mormon stories to us.

As my twin brothers approached age 8, my mother was determined that we all memorize the Articles of Faith. We practiced one Article of Faith for a month by saying it before all blessings on the food at mealtime. Every time we went somewhere in the car and were waiting, Mom would drill us some more until we knew them backwards and forwards.She was a stickler for small words and we would frequently hear, "There is no `of' there. It goes like this." You see, Mom learned them in Primary (she was the teacher of my brothers' class) so well she could still repeat them word perfect any time. Her love for them was passed on to us.

All of my brothers and my sister had the Articles of Faith learned before being baptized.

Derek Kobe, 12, is a deacon in the Milton 2nd Ward, Morgan Utah Stake.

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