Home teacher's efforts continue to bear fruit in the lives of family

Distance is a fact of life for members of the Hattiesburg (Miss.) 2nd Ward, which covers most of two counties. So it was no convenient task that home teacher Craig Korver was assigned to in the early 1980s.

President Blair P. Pack of the Hattiesburg Mississippi Stake was bishop at the time. He said Brother Korver was assigned to find a less-active sister and her daughters.Their names had been on the ward membership records for years. Others had tried unsuccessfully to find the mother and daughters, who lived in a rural area 30-40 miles away from the ward meetinghouse.

"Brother Korver did find them," Pres. Pack related. "He invited them to come back to Church. The woman, who had been active previously in Arizona, was very excited to come back."

That positive initial contact led to a fruitful home teaching relationship. Brother Korver faithfully visited more than once a month. He worked with the woman, her non-member husband, three of the four daughters, and their non-member husbands.

"Over two or three years' time, Brother Korver would take the full-time or stake missionaries with him," Pres. Pack recalled. "He took me several times as his companion. He taught them and cared for them."

All four husbands were baptized into the Church, Pres. Pack said. Two of the couples have been sealed in the temple, and one of the sisters, who has since been divorced, has received her endowments.

Brother Korver has moved to South Carolina, but his work as a home teacher continues to bear fruit in the lives of the family, a family that has produced an elders quorum president, a ward Sunday School president and a Relief Society spiritual living teacher.

"It has been a wonderful thing to watch over the years," Pres. Pack said. "The experience has been a real blessing to them and to the ward, all because a home teacher went to find some members who others had said were not to be found."

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