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North America Northwest Area

Pajamas for children's hospital


Members in the Rexburg Idaho Region recently made pajamas and slippers for Hospital Del Nino, a public children's hospital in La Paz, Bolivia.

About 35 wards in five stakes sewed more than 550 pairs of pajamas and nightshirts, and knitted or crocheted more than 1,000 pairs of slippers, according to Don Sparhawk, regional public affairs director. These items were sent to Salt Lake City to be shipped to the hospital, along with 500 blankets, said Steve Pierce, the international project administrator of the International Welfare and Humanitarian Service Division of the Church's Welfare Services Department.

"The members in the Rexburg area provided basic necessities that will contribute to the overall health care of children in La Paz," he said. "This hospital is located about 12,000 feet. In that thin atmosphere, temperatures during about nine months of the year at night fall below freezing."

Brother Sparhawk, who coordinated the project, said the regional public affairs committee contacted the International Welfare and Humanitarian Service division, which told the committee about the need in Bolivia.

North America Northeast Area

Stakes honor charities


In support of National Family Week, the Richmond Virginia and Richmond Virginia Chesterfield Stakes recently joined forces to honor several charities. The charities, Intensive Family Services of the Catholic Charities, the Family Crisis Center of Family and Childrens Services and the William Byrd Community House, were recognized for their contribution in strengthening the family unit.

"The efforts of the groups honored this year parallel our beliefs in support of sustaining the family," said Stuart Scott, co-director of public affairs for the Richmond Virginia Stake.

The recognitions were extended at a bi-stake fireside with Pres. Glade M. Knight, president of the Richmond Chesterfield stake, conducting, and president Larry E. Tolpi, president of the Richmond Virginia Stake, presenting the recognitions.

"We intend to make this event the first of an annual recognition," said Sandra M. Poulsen, director of public affairs for the greater Richmond Region and the Chesterfield Stake.

"In our months of research, we discovered that there are many programs in our region that are greatly contributing and geared toward fortifying the family unit. They deserve to know that they are noticed and appreciated."

North America West Area

Shelter given funds


A homeless shelter under construction here received $8,800, as the result of a community effort, spearheaded by the Laurels of the Vacaville 1st Ward. The money will be used for care of the homeless.

Sally Nicholls, ward Young Women president, said the class of 12 Laurels decided to organize a Festival of Trees in December, the first in their community, as part of their aim to earn the Young Women Medallion.

Sister Nicolls, the Laurels, and stake Pres. Gordon Wells presented the idea to the Vacaville Ministerial Association, the St. Mary's Catholic Church, and the Christian Church of Vacaville.

Local wards, other congregations, local businesses and clubs, and individuals donated 45 trees for the event. "The exciting thing about our festival was the fact that churches were working together to celebrate the birth of Christ," related Sister Nicholls.

Utah South Area

Project `mutually' beneficial


Young women in the Deseret Oasis Ward, Delta Utah West Stake, share time with the elderly sisters in the ward that is "Mutually" beneficial to all involved.

The youth and their leaders take fruit bowls or other treats to the sisters on Mutual night or other evenings, then spend the evening learning skills taught by the elder sisters, such as crocheting, quilting, cooking or embroidering. The young women learn new skills while learning the joy of service, said Young Women leaders.

Africa Area

Music touches lives


While serving in the Ghana Accra Mission, Sister Beverly L. Waite felt inspired to take along a portable music keyboard with her on various home visits. Often, she and her husband, Willis, used the instrument to help teach children Church songs.

She also simplified and transposed hymns and taught one or two members of each branch to play accompaniment on the instrument. She also re-wrote the music for a student who had a handicapped right hand so he could play the melody with his left hand.

The Waites have now completed their mission, but before their departure they held a recital in the amphitheater of LeCollege Modern D Adobo in Abidjan. Thirteen of her students performed, along with the Abidjan District Chorus.

"Sister Waite has left a legacy of music that will bless the lives of the saints in Ivory Coast for years to come," said Pres. Grant Gunnell of the Ghana Accra Mission.

Brazil Area

Goods donated for LDS needy


Members of the Rio de Janeiro stakes recently donated clothing, shoes, and books to bishops to disseminate at their discretion to needy members in their areas.

Many members also donated services and labor to help improve the quality of life of others.

South America South Area

Efforts bring re-activations


Missionaries working with less-active families help bring them back into activity, said Pres. Rollin S. Davis of the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission. They also baptize other family members in the process,

He estimated that from 50 to 75 less-active members each month gain renewed interest in the Church as a result of the missionaries' work.

Pres. Davis said one missionary, Sister Griselda Luisa Terreno of Marcos Juarez, Argentina, succeeded in reactivating a family of nine that had resisted previous efforts.

"She reactivated the husband and wife, and the older children were baptized," Pres. Davis said. "We've had so many good successes with activation."

Pacific Area

`Lift up your voices and sing'


The LDS Primary School in Suva recently held a music festival. Nearly all of the school's 300 students, ages 5 to 12 years and enrolled in first through sixth grades, participated in the festival, the theme of which was "Lift Up Your Voices and Sing." The festival was held in the Samabula Ward meetinghouse next to the school. Parents and neighbors attended the festival.

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