Home teacher is 'there to help'

Ruby Madsen, a 74-year-old widow in the Overland Park 2nd Ward, Olathe Kansas Stake, knows the value of a dedicated home teacher.

After her husband, Charles K. Madsen, died six years ago, she was left alone. The nearest of her three daughters lives in Kansas City, Mo., which is about 30 miles away. The other daughters live in Wichita, Kan., and San Mateo, Calif."As a widow, I appreciate having the priesthood come into my home," she said, referring to her home teacher. "When you're alone, you miss the blessings that you usually received from your husband or whoever the priesthood holder was in your family. It's important to have someone you know you can call at any hour."

She said her home teacher, Earl Bean, magnifies his calling. "He never misses coming home teaching," she said. "It seems like no matter what I need, he's there to help. A while back, I needed the springs changed on my garage door. Earl did that for me. Then, the soil washed away in front of my house and exposed a hole under the porch. He got cement and gravel and patched the hole for me so it looks really nice. He helps in so many ways. If I have any problems at all, I know I can call him and he'll be right over."

Sister Madsen said Brother Bean was not her home teacher at the time her husband died. "But he was very helpful," she reflected. "He was always willing to come, to do anything.

"Brother Bean has been my home teacher about a year and a half. He comes sometimes with one of the Aaronic Priesthood young men. I see him as a good example to these boys. In fact, he's an example to anyone because he is really committed to his Church service.

"When he comes home teaching, he always presents a lesson and offers a prayer, or has his partner do that. I don't think all home teachers realize how important such things are.

"Women who are alone like I am, or single mothers, especially need good home teachers because they don't have the priesthood in the home. For people like me, having a faithful home teacher is very important.

"Over the years, I saw my husband go home teaching. Some of those he home taught were young families who looked forward to his visits, so that proves to me that it isn't just the widows or the single sisters who need home teachers."

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