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Plans are announced for 3 more temples

Plans are announced for 3 more temples

<code> Three new temples - in Hong Kong; Hartford, Conn.; and Utah County - were announced by the First Presidency at the 162nd Semiannual General Conference of the Church Oct. 3.</code>

<code> After leading the sustaining of General Authorities and general auxiliary officers during the second session of the conference, President Gordon B. Hinckley, first counselor in the First Presidency, announced plans for the new temples.The temple in Hong Kong, President Hinckley said, will "serve the needs of our people in that great area of Asia." The temple in Connecticut will accommodate Church members in New York and in the New England areas of the United States. The temple in Utah County will relieve pressure placed on the already existing temple in Provo. That temple, which was dedicated in 1972, "is operating far beyond its designed capacity," President Hinckley said. He did not announce a specific site for the new temple in Utah County.</code>

<code> "We anticipate that there will be others, the location of which will be announced later," President Hinckley said.</code>

<code> He also reported that work is proceeding on schedule for the San Diego California Temple, which will likely be dedicated in the spring of 1993. "Work is also on schedule for the Orlando Florida and Bountiful Utah temples," he said. "Architectural work is proceeding, looking in the near future to the construction of temples in St. Louis, Mo.; Bogota, Colombia, and Guayaquil, Ecuador.</code>

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