'Follow vital theme of Book of Mormon'

Sensing a mutual desire and sacred responsibility to follow a vital theme from the Book of Mormon, Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Council of the Twelve quoted: " `We talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, [andT we prophesy of Christ.' " (2 Ne. 25:26.)

In his address at the conclusion of the seventh annual Book of Mormon Symposium at BYU, Elder Nelson said: "Tonight's meeting concludes the . . . symposium which has focused intensively on the Book of Helaman and the first chapters of Third Nephi. I find it intriguing that scholars can feast for days on a banquet based on less than 60 printed pages.""The Book of Helaman and 3 Nephi 1-8/According to the Word" was the theme of the symposium, Jan. 31 through Feb. 2. Elder Nelson spoke Feb. 2 at an 18-stake fireside in the Marriott Center.

Focusing on the Savior, Elder Nelson continued: "We honor Him as the most important individual ever to live on planet Earth. He is Jesus the Christ - our Master and more. He has numerous names, titles and responsibilities, all of eternal significance.

"I would like to review, even briefly, 10 of those mighty responsibilities of Jesus the Christ."

Creator. Under the direction of the Father, Jesus bore the responsibility of Creator, Elder Nelson explained.

Jehovah. This sacred title, a form of the Hebrew word, hayah, was translated into English as "I Am." Advocate with the Father. "Comprehending Him as our advocate - intercessor, mediator - with the Father, gives us assurance of His unequaled understanding, justice and mercy," he related.

Immanuel. Jesus was foreordained to be the promised Immanuel. "Immanuel could be such only at the will of His Father," Elder Nelson added.

Son of God. "Jesus alone bore His responsibility as the Son of God - the Only Begotten Son of the Father."

Anointed One. Because God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and with power (Acts 10:38), He was given two specific titles - the Messiah, which means "the anointed" in Hebrew, and the Christ, which comes from a Greek word meaning "the anointed."

Savior and Redeemer.Elder Nelson remarked, "Jesus' responsibility as Advocate, Savior and Redeemer was foredetermined in premortal realms and fulfilled His atonement. Your responsibility is to remember, to repent and to be righteous."

Judge. "Closely allied to the Lord's status as Savior and Redeemer is His responsibility as Judge. . . . The Book of Mormon sheds further light on how that judgment will occur. So does the temple endowment. When we approach that threshold of the eternal court of justice, we know who will personally preside."

Exemplar. "While you earnestly strive for continuing improvement in your life here, remember your resurrection, exaltation and perfection await you in the life to come. That precious promise of perfection could not have been possible without the Lord's atonement and His example."

Millennial Messiah. The Lord's ultimate responsibility lies in the future, Elder Nelson said. "That will be His masterful status as the Millennial Messiah. In that day He will bear new titles and be surrounded by special saints.

"He is Jesus the Christ - our Master and more. [It isT my hope and blessing that you will bear your responsibility to know the Lord, love Him, follow Him, serve Him, teach and testify of Him, as do I."

Book of Mormon symposiums were also held in January at Ricks College, and at the University Institutes of Religion in Logan, Ogden and Salt Lake. Approximately 4,700 people attended the various symposiums.

Articles on this page were compiled by Sheridan R. Sheffield and Karen Boren.

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