'Lots of talk' binds couple together

It's not surprising that Robert and Louise Kempenaers talk to each other a lot.

The couple met when she asked him to teach communication skills to single members. He accepted, she stayed in touch and the rest is history."I don't know how the communication message worked for the others at the singles conference, but it worked for us," he said. "We had a chance to get better acquainted, and we talked about a lot of things.

His future wife, Louise, was on the committee for the program for single adults.

She explained that she had invited Robert to give a lesson on the subject of "positive communications."

"We met each other [in 1986T at the Easter Week Singles Conference, and I found out that he had skills as a commercial artist. So, I assumed he would know about communications."

He said, "Louise was very nice as she asked me to be on the program. I was a little flattered, and besides the conference was near the sea in Holland, which isn't far from Antwerp. It would be very nice in July."

They thought about each other between April and July. She checked to remind him of the assignment. He assured her he would be prepared. They kept the communication alive.

He was at the seminar to make his presentation.

She was in attendance to introduce him and announce his subject.

They had each been married. Now, by individual circumstances, they were both single. They each had three children. They were both members of the Church. He had been a member for nearly six years. She had joined the Church with her parents more than 20 years earlier.

Their attraction grew to fascination and shortly they developed a love for one other that led to their marriage.

"It was quick," she said. "We talked in April, became acquainted in July and married in October."

There were adjustments to be made as two families joined, though not all of the children still live at home, Robert and Louise have had three children together. An older daughter died of an illness last November.

"We have had a busy and challenging time," he said. "Family home evening is one of our best family activities. I work at a petroleum products chemical factory, and do freelance commercial illustration art so I am very busy. Still we enjoy life together."

Brother Kempenaers is a member of the Antwerp District Council and has responsibility for the Sunday School and temple work in the district.

She is the first counselor in the Relief Society, Antwerp Branch.

"We do have a busy life," she said. "The older children take piano and accordion lessons. There are many activities for them. Antwerp is a lovely city with many cultural things. It's our home and it is a nice place to live."

"Going to the Frankfurt [GermanyT Temple is a highlight for us," he explained. "I have seen the members grow stronger since the temple was dedicated in Frankfurt in 1987 by President Ezra Taft Benson. This means so much to us. The Church is our strength."

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