New stake presidencies

Four new stakes have been created in Latin America. Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy has created the Buin Chile Stake; Elder Harold G. Hillam of the Seventy has created the Paulista Brazil Stake; Elder Gary J. Coleman of the Seventy has created the Queretaro Mexico Stake; Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy has created the Santiago Chile Lo Espejo Stake.

The Buin Chile Stake includes the Buin 1st and 2nd, Guarello, Paine, and Portezuelo wards, and the Linderos, Lo Herrera, and Viluco branches.The Paulista Brazil Stake includes the Abreu E Lima, Janga, Ouro Preto, Paulista, and Rio Doce 1st wards, and the Goiana, and Paratibe branches.

The Queretaro Mexico Stake includes the Arcos, Cimatario, Hidalgo, Industrial, Quintas, and Satelite wards, and the San Juan Del Rio branch.

The Santiago Chile Lo Espejo Stake includes the Central, Clara Estrella, Diagonal, Las Torres, and Lo Espejo wards.

New stakes

BUIN CHILE STAKE: (Feb. 26, 1995) Created from the Santiago Chile San Bernardo Stake and the Buin Chile District. President - Jorge H. Herrera Carmona, 47, director of shipping, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop, and branch president, married Adela del Carmen Perez. Counselors - Claudio A. Quiroz Gomez, 28, computer operator/programmer, former stake clerk, ward clerk, ward mission leader, Young Men president, and Sunday School president, married Maria Veronica Loreto Toro Tapia; Pedro M. Basualto Molina, 33, labor manager, former district president and stake Young Men president, married Angelica Adelina Castillo Tobar.

PAULISTA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 5, 1995) Created from the Olinda Brazil Stake. President - Reginaldo de Morais Junior, 32, administrative agent, former stake president and counselor, high councilor, and bishop, married Maria Da Salete De Moura. Counselors - Andre Luiz de Franca, 26, small business owner, former stake president's counselor, bishop and counselor, ward mission leader, and elders quorum president, married Carla Andrea Medeiros Nunes; Marcos Antonio Venancio, 42, information specialist, former bishop and counselor, executive secretary, elders quorum president, and Sunday School president, married Roslane Maria Cajueiro Guimaraes.

QUERETARO MEXICO STAKE: (March 5, 1995) Created from the Queretaro Mexico District. President - Glendon Lyons Castillo, 41, materials manager for Polaroid of Mexico, former mission president's

counselor, stake president's counselor, bishop, and branch president, married Patricia Chavez Rodriguez. Counselors - Jose Cruz Pineda Castillo, 42, head of department of electronics and automation for Cidetec, former district president's counselor, stake clerk, bishop's counselor, high priests group leader, and branch president's counselor, married Georgina Hernandez Ramirez; Jared Galicia Galarza, 35, executive coordinator for Banamex, former high councilor, bishop, high priests group leader, elders quorum president, and branch president, married Rosa Maria Castillo Carrillo.

SANTIAGO CHILE LO ESPEJO STAKE: (Feb. 19, 1995) Created from the Santiago Chile La Cisterna and Santiago Chile La Granja stakes. President - David Ormeno Parra, 47, chemist, former stake president's counselor and bishop, married Maria Cristina Soto Aviles. Counselors - Jorge Hernan Guzman Nunez, 51, cooking instructor, former high councilor, and bishop, married Hilda Soto Riquelme; Wintong Patricio Covarrubias Pezoa, 36, sales executive, former high councilor and bishop's counselor, married Miriam Elizabeth Ramirez Araya.

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