Ideal is to have secular and spiritual knowledge

Speaking in the October 1968 general conference, Elder Spencer W. Kimball, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, said, "To have both the secular and the spiritual is the ideal. To have only the secular is like Jude said: ` . . . clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth.' " (Jude 1:12.)

Elder Kimball explained: "Desirable as is secular knowledge, one is not truly educated unless he has the spiritual with the secular. The secular knowledge is to be desired; the spiritual knowledge is an absolute necessity. We shall need all of the accumulated secular knowledge in order to create worlds and to furnish them, but only through the `mysteries of God' and these hidden treasures of knowledge may we arrive at the place and condition where we may use that knowledge in creation and exaltation."It is my prayer that we learn to master ourselves by obedience to the Lord's commandments by the control of our physical appetites, and by placing first in our lives service to God and our fellowmen, so that the hidden things of the spirit may come to us and that we may attain perfection with the Father and the Son. Many have seen God in the course of history. All of us may do so eventually through our righteousness."

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