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25 years ago

The first area conference of the Church was slated for Manchester, England, according to a First Presidency announcement in the Jan. 16, 1971, Church News.

Included in the Aug. 27-29, 1971, conference were to be leadership meetings, a priesthood session, women's meeting, social/activity program and two general sessions on Sunday, Jan. 29.

"Such an area . . . conference is a significant move by the First Presidency to bring the leadership and various programs closer to the members of the Church, who would not otherwise be able to attend the two semi-annual world-wide general conferences held in April and October in Salt Lake City.

"The conference will be under the direction of the First Presidency, with members of the General Authorities and executive representatives of the Church auxiliaries also present to participate in the various meetings."

Those invited to the conference included members of stakes and missions in the British Isles and members of the Servicemen's Stake-Europe in Germany.

Quote from the past

"We want to reach out and embrace all the world in our brotherhood, which is the only organization designed to bring them the greatest gift they could receive - eternal life!" - President N. Eldon Tanner, in an address given April 2, 1977, in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

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