Caption only: Jubilant celebration: 100 years of statehood

Photo #1 by Gary Morris

Fireworks erupt in the Delta Center at gala finale that featured Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony, the Utah Opera and many other prominent performers.Photo #2 by Gary McKellar

Plumes of fireworks blossom above the lights of Salt Lake City and state capitol at conclusion of centennial day, Jan. 4. Celebrations were held statewide in honor of Utah becoming nation's 45th state.

Photo #3 by Mike Cannon

Pies for centennial celebration were baked by women of Fillmore, which was the capital of Utah in 1896 when the territory became a state.

Photo #4 by Jeffrey D. Allred

Statehood inaugural is re-enacted in Tabernacle by hundreds of participants, young and old. From brass bands to laser light shows, the event captured moments from history and the present.

Photo #5: by Mike Cannon

Elder and Sister M. Russell Ballard, and the Rev. Eugenio Yarce ride in Fillmore parade. Many members of the community approximated clothing, transportation of bygone eras as they celebrated Utah's centennial.

Photo #6 by Tom Smart

Women shiver in January chill awaiting centennial train's arrival in Brigham City, Utah. Three centennial trains traveled to celebrations in Salt Lake City.

Photo #7 by Kristan Jacobsen

Dancers rejoice on Main Street during re-enactment of telegram announcing Utah's statehood. Brass bands playing, black powder cannons firing, and multiple parades also celebrated the state's 100th birthday.

Photo #8 by Ravell Call U.S. Sen. Robert Bennett and Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt croon with band in centennial train originating in Cedar City. In the band are Kurt Gremlich, Kent Peterson and Dave Diehl. Gov. Leavitt was honorary engineer of train, one of three donated for the day by railroad companies.

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