How to help young men honor the priesthood

The way young men honor the priesthood has much to do with the influence young women in the Church can have upon them. Young women can help by showing respect for them and encouraging them in the following ways:

Let them know they are special - one of a kind.- Be a friend - a friend who is always kind.

Discuss topics with them that are appropriate - keeping in mind Church guidelines.

Encourage them to share their testimonies whenever possible. Try to help them feel comfortable when they do so.

Encourage them to perform their priesthood duties often.

Encourage them to plan for and go on a mission and to share the gospel with their friends now.

Help to raise their self-worth.

Let them know you appreciate being treated with respect - the use of appropriate language, showing respect for parents and leaders, and other outward signs that they honor the priesthood.

Encourage them to always take an active part in sacrament meetings.

Encourage their gentlemanly acts and behavior.

Encourage discussion of spiritual goals.

Encourage them to refrain from anything that would affect their priesthood powers in a negative way.

In addition, young women should never become so involved with a young man that she would be a detriment to that young man's efforts to honor the priesthood.

By influencing the lives of young men in a positive way, young women can help them become powerful future Church leaders and future partners in exaltation. - Young Women, Simi Valley (Calif.) 4th Ward

What we did:

By example

Ward leaders, parents, peers and seminary teachers can help us honor the priesthood by encouraging, reminding and teaching by precept and especially by example to do the following:

Develop ourselves spiritually by focusing on the Lord and emptying our minds of worldly things.

Be diligent in learning and carrying out our duties, such as preparing and passing the sacrament.

Watch the way we behave with our parents, Church members and friends at home, Church and school.

Sacrifice our time, talents, means and effort in service to others, such as home teaching, service projects, cleaning sacrament trays, etc.

Study the scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon, to build our testimonies.

Attend seminary. - Seminary class, Oldham Ward, Ashton England Stake

Welcome, thank them

Throughout the Church on the designated fast Sunday of each month, young men of the Aaronic Priesthood visit members' homes to receive the fast contribution.

We answer the door, welcome them, invite them in, ask them to be seated and thank them for coming. As we shake their hands, we invite them to tell us their name and who their parents are - if we don't know the boys. While we are completing the clerical task of placing our check into the envelope, we express to them our profound thanks for their coming. We try to build them up and, as they leave, invite them to return.

We feel it is our responsibility to receive servants of the Lord with respect, honor and dignity. - Clyde and Marie Bartlett, North Logan, Utah

Satisfying assignment

My most satisfying Church assignment since my mission was 20 years ago when I was teachers quorum instructor for a group of more than 25 exceptional young men.

I always tried to help young men honor their priesthood by understanding what the priesthood is: The authority to act in God's name on earth. I don't know of any priesthood holder, regardless of age, who can't understand the importance and magnitude of his ordination.

In a recent priesthood manual, Pres. Ezra Taft Benson called some fathers of young men "sleeping giants," who may not be giving the best example of their Melchizedek Priesthood offices to their sons. - John B. Matheson III, Lafayette, Calif.

Sacred charge

Our priests quorum had a brain-storming session with the words "honor" and "priesthood." We came to the following four words:

Leaders: This includes our parents' teachings, our bishops' and leaders' examples.

Scriptures: Lessons in priesthood meeting help us with a desire to study the scriptures.

Sacrament: We have the sacred charge at the sacrament table and represent our Savior with this sacred ordinance.

Prayer: We are taught to make a report to Heavenly Father each morning and night about our day's activities. We should also listen to His feedback. - Priests quorum, Logan (Utah) 19th Ward

`If you are . . . '

If you are a father: Set a worthy example by honoring your own priesthood in every facet of your life. Be your son's best friend.

If you are a teacher: Seek to understand each student as an individual and show loving concern by temperate, personal relations both in and out of the classroom. Be genuinely friendly.

If you are a bishop: Treat each boy fairly and equally when making assignments for service. Be his straight-forward friend.

If you are a peer: Let your friend pursue his desires to magnify his calling without ridicule or arrogance. Be a friend your friend can respect.

If you are a girlfriend: Appreciate his behavior that reflects his desire to be a worthy priesthood holder. - John E. Carr, Salt Lake City, Utah

High standards

As young women, we wish to share the following thoughts:

Dress modestly so as not to encourage inappropriate thoughts in the young men.

Notice and comment positively when they honor the priesthood or fulfill an assignment. Encourage them in responsibilities such as home teaching and gathering fast offerings.

Keep high standards in dating, like group dates, no dark solitary places and no inappropriate flirting. Plan dates where there is not time for inappropriate thoughts or actions.

Encourage in a positive way young men who have made mistakes to correct their errors.

We know that if young women like us live the high standards of the Church that young men will find it easier to do likewise and honor their priesthood. - Laurel class, Lawrence Station Ward, Los Altos California Stake

How to checklist:

1 Set a good example; honor the priesthood yourself.

2 Help them develop testimonies through prayer, scripture study, service.

3 Encourage them to perform priesthood duties.

4 Treat young priesthood holders with respect; express appreciation for their efforts.


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