Missionaries called 'by spirit of prophecy'

President Gordon B. Hinckley reminded missionaries in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission that they were called "by the spirit of prophecy and revelation" and should do their best, regardless of the number of baptisms they have.

President Hinckley met Saturday evening, Feb. 17, with more than 100 missionaries of the Hawaii Honolulu Mission serving on Oahu. In addition to President Hinckley, speakers included Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve, Elder Loren C. Dunn of the Seventy and Sister Marjorie P. Hinckley."I believe that it isn't by chance that you are in Hawaii," the prophet said. "I believe it is by design of the Lord that you are here. I am convinced of that. You were called to Hawaii to teach the gospel. This is the place for you. Rejoice in it and be grateful, and it will bless your lives forever."

President Hinckley expressed special appreciation for the couples serving. "I know it isn't easy to pull up roots at your age and come to Hawaii and serve missions. Thank you for your faithful and devoted service, and for your willingness to be here. You do so very, very much good. Thanks to each of you."

He also noted the many Asian missionaries present, naming several of them and asking where they were from. They cited Korea, Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere. With each city and country named, President Hinckley smiled and said, "I've been there," as he recounted his responsibilities for the work in Hawaii and Asia.

"In 1960, I was given the assignment of having responsibility for the work in the Hawaiian islands and all of Asia," he recalled. "I had that for eight years, and so I tramped over the back roads of this part of the world when there were fewer people here. None of this part of the world looks strange to me.

"Oh, how we worked in those days. I remember dedicating two buildings in Japan and a building in Hawaii all on the same Sunday because of crossing the dateline."

He spoke of the miracle of the missionary program, and of the blessings that come to faithful servants and those whom they teach.

"It is your work and the infusion of new blood that constantly goes on that adds strength to the work and brings cultural diversity to us. You are part of that wonderful process, of bringing people into the Church. . . . Thank you for your work and your service. What a wonderful job you do. God bless you my dear associates in this great and sacred work."

He also fielded several questions from the missionaries on a variety of gospel subjects before concluding and shaking each missionary's hand, joined by Sister Hinckley, Elder Scott and Elder Dunn.

"I leave my blessing upon you that you may be happy and successful in this work," he said. "Please know that we love you; we pray for you."

Elder Daniel Vandenberg called the opportunity of listening to the prophet the "chance of a lifetime, something I have hoped for for a long time. I'm even more excited to go and do the work."

Mission Pres. Dee F. Andersen said President Hinckley's visit was a great boon to the work. "Whenever the prophet is around, because of the faith of the people, we see great things happen. We're thrilled that he's here."

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