New stake presidencies

Three new stakes have been created in Brazil, two in Australia, and one in Bolivia.

The Cochabamba Bolivia Jaihuayco Stake, which includes the Alalay, Jaihuayco, Petrolero, Siglo XX, and Villa Mexico wards, and the Pagador Branch has been created by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy.The Devonport Australia Stake, which includes the Deloraine, Devonport, Launceston East and Launceston West wards, and the Burnie Branch has been created by Elder V. Dallas Merrell of the Seventy.

The Gold Coast Australia Stake, which includes the Beenleigh 1st and 2nd, Isle of Capri, Mudgeeraba, and Tweed Heads wards, and the Lismore Branch has been created by Elder Lowell D. Wood of the Seventy.

The Gravatai Brazil Stake and the Sorocaba Brazil Trujilo Stake have been created by Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy. The Gravatai stake includes the Alvorada, Bom Sucesso, Cachoeirinha, Do Vale, and Gravatai wards, and the Parque Dos Anjos Branch. The Sorocaba Trujilo stake includes the Parque Sao Bento, Parque Ouro Fino, Parque Das Laranjeiras, Trujilo, and Vila Angelica wards, and the Aracoiaba da Serra and Julio de Mesquita branches.

The Manaus Brazil Cidade Nova Stake, which includes the Canarana, Cidade Nova, Grande Circular, Manoa, and Noel Nutells wards, and the Redencao branch, has been created by Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Samoa, and in Florida.

New stakes

COCHABAMBA BOLIVIA JAIHUAYCO STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) Created from the Cochabamba Bolivia Cobija, Cochabamba Bolivia Los Alamos and Cochabamba Bolivia Universidad stakes. President - Ivan Jorge Gutierrez A., 30, bank teller and accountant; wife, Maria Chavarria V. de Guiterrez. Counselors - Roberto Bustamente R., 32, contractor; wife, Coralia Candelaria Escobar G. de Bustamante. Jose Luis Balderrama C., 35, barber; wife, Luisa Camacho M. de Balderrama.

DEVONPORT AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) Created from the Hobart Australia Stake. President - John R. Hargreaves, 44, self-employed con

sultant; wife, Colleen Joy Christie Hargreaves. Counselors - Philip L. Challis, 42, senior teacher for Department of Education and Arts; wife, Gail Annette King Challis. Brent L. Mitchell, 41, gastroenterologist and hepatologist consultant; wife, Cathryn Woolley Mitchell.

GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) Created from the Brisbane Australia, Brisbane Australia South and Ipswich Australia stakes. President - Robert Gordon, 39, self-employed managing director; wife, Rosemary Sophie Ruth Hamon Gordon. Counselors - Keith P. Walker, 37, owner of Witbrook Office Interiors; wife, Marilyn Joyce Maloney Walker. David R. Stoten, 53, company director and manager for Viscount Construction; wife, Monica Audrey Wilkin Stoten.

GRAVATAI BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) Created from the Porto Alegre Brazil North Stake. President - Fabiano Ribeiro Barreto, 36, denture manufacturer; wife, Almira Elisabete Cruz dos Santos Barreto. Counselors - Homero Camargo da Silva, 31, owner of civil construction company; wife, Laura Cintia Fraga Silva. Florentino Girardi, 43, business owner; wife, Luiza Witschinski Girardi.

MANAUS BRAZIL CIDADE NOVA STAKE: (Nov. 5, 1995) Created from the Manaus Brazil and Manaus Brazil Rio Negro stakes. President - Walter Braga De Souza, 32, technical supervisor for Xerox of Brazil; wife, Semiramis Silva Braga. Counselors - Luiz Carlos Dorneles Queiros, 28, business owner; wife, Andrea Karen Fonseca Canuto Queiros. Carlos Alberto Silva Souza, 29, teacher; wife, Juaneide Silva dos Santos Souza.

SOROCABA BRAZIL TRUJILLO STAKE: (Dec. 17, 1995) Created from the Sorocaba Brazil and Sorocaba Brazil Barcelona Stakes. President - Valdimir Fernandes Tasso, 40, broker and merchant; wife, Rosa Maria Pedroso Tasso. Counselors - Paulo Fernando Catherini Prieto, 31, owner of graphics business; wife, Marcia Marques Ferreira Prieto. Nelson Baptista Duo Jr., 35, installer specialist for Faco II Suedala; wife, Sonia Maria Matos Duo.

Stake reorganizations

BRASILIA BRAZIL ALVORADA STAKE: (Dec. 17, 1995) President - Samoel Pereira da Silva, 44, teacher; succeeding Helvio Antonio Da S. Pereira; wife, Nair Ferreira Lopes da Silva. Counselors - Paulo Antonio Nogueira Bueno, 39, assistant technician for Central Bank of Brazil; wife, Rosa Maria Remigiio de Resende Bueno. Erivan Pereira De Franca, 26, judicial assistant; wife, Franca Marizete Santos de Franca.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Carl R. Maurer, 36, director and owner of pool and spa business; succeeding Robert Malcolm Cowan; wife, Karen Lee Jeffrey Maurer. Counselors - Mark Butterworth, 35, assistant director of medical imaging for The Prince Charles Hospital; wife, Jacqueline Ann Croucher Butterworth. Paul W. Fell, 36, sales manager for The Personal Trading Post; wife, Kym Helen Johnston Fell.

COCHABAMBA BOLIVIA LOS ALAMOS STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Gustavo Guillermo Candia A., 42, self-employed businessman; succeeding Jose Ruben Rivero Z.; wife, Bertha Nora Espinoza B. de Candia. Counselors - Felix Camacho S., 55, manager for Fondo Complementario; wife, Maria Teresa Fernandez O. de Camacho. Gonzalo Zurita P., 29, employed by Muebleria Vallejos, wife, Sara Vasquez R. de Zurita.

COCHABAMBA BOLIVIA UNIVERSIDAD STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Luis Garcia D., retained. Counselors - Max Perez A., 39, president and manager of archives and notaries for civil registry; wife, Maximiliana Zapata M. de Perez. Jose Candia B., 51, airlines mechanics technician for Lloyd Aeveo Boliviano; wife, Emilia Ovidio O. de Candia.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS AUSTRALIA STAKE (FORMERLY BRISBANE AUSTRALIA SOUTH STAKE): (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Paul W. Wesener, 38, police officer for Queensland Police Service; succeeding David John Battye; wife, Glenys Joy McDonnell Wesener. Counselors - Geoffrey A. Cartner, 51, police officer for Queensland Police Service; wife, Robyn Gay Booker Cartner. C. William Hollis, 44, marketing lecturer; wife, Margaret MacDonald Doyle Hollis.

HOBART AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Stephen Edward Hansford, retained. Counselors - Gary Courtnay Prebble, retained. Dean G. Docking, 41, school teacher; wife, Tanya Margaret Read Docking.

IPSWICH AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Grant A. Pitman, 39, police inspector for Commissioner of Police; succeeding Terence Leonard Davies; wife, Donna Pearl Burns Pitman. Counselors - Paul Thomas, 53, self-employed; wife, Lesley Joan Gregory Thomas. Glen A. F. Rea, 46, technical officer; wife, Jill Ann Nelson Rea.

MANAUS BRAZIL STAKE: (Nov. 5, 1995) President - Alvaro Esteves Pinto, 40, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Walter Braga De Souza; wife, Marta dos Santos Vasconcelos Esteves Pinto. Counselors - Wilson Oliveira de Junior Melo, 28, industrial operator specialist for Petrobas S.A.; wife, Herminia Irene Backsmann Pinto Melo. Jose Augusto Viana Guimaraes, 28, goldsmith for Indomet; wife, Mara Nubia Ramos Guimaraes.

PENSACOLA FLORIDA STAKE: (Jan. 7, 1996) President - Kenneth J. Holbert, retained. Counselors - Ronald J. Cochran, 56, industrial mechanic and welder for Monsanto Co.; wife, Judy Anne Hollinger Cochran. James L. Lawson, 53, civil service construction representative for U. S. Navy; wife, Ola Jean Baggett Lawson.

PORTO ALEGRE BRAZIL NORTH STAKE: (Dec. 10, 1995) President - Waldemar Arballo Gonzalez, retained. Counselors - Vitor Emanuel De Almeida Munhoz, retained. Luis Carlos Cidade, 35, administrator of personnel for Bomxeiro Limp. Cons.; wife, Jaqueline da Rosa Klegves Cidade.

QUITO ECUADOR CHILLOGALLO STAKE: (Dec. 3, 1995) President - Francisco W. Fierro A., 38, assistant personnel director for Mutuaeista Benaecazar; succeeding Eduardo Calderon P.; wife, Dolores Beatriz Merchan C. de Fierro. Counselors - Luis Adraino Santamaria S., 48, chauffeur for minister of defense; wife, Hilda Aleaga C. de Santamaria. Juan Ricardo Romero T., retained.

SOROCABA BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 17, 1995) President - Mauro De Almeida, retained. Counselors - Ramon Cesar Catherini Prieto, retained. Gilson Roberto Catherini Prieto, 40, owner of Prieto Graphics; wife, Maria Claudete Gimenes Prieto.

SOROCABA BRAZIL BARCELONA STAKE: (Dec. 17, 1995) President - Mauro Junot De Maria, retained. Counselors - Mauricio Jesus de Melo, 57, military police officer; wife, Vilma Nogueira de Melo. Francisco Carlos Bittencourt Sobreira, retained.

UPOLU SAMOA SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1995) President - Lotolotoi Tolovae, 39, self-employed carpenter; succeeding Tapaga Taelega Faleafulugogo; wife, Fealofai Tolovae. Counselors - Taulava Siosifa Pulini, 28, farmer; wife, Rulini Taulava Tinousi Pulini. Elina Vaiuai, 41, farmer; wife, Saomalie Vao Vaiuai.

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