Reap blessings through Word of Wisdom

Requires strict obedience

Is personal revelation- Contains promises

Directing his remarks to children and youth, President Boyd K. Packer spoke Saturday morning of how obedience to the Word of Wisdom helps bring health, knowledge and redemption.

President Packer, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve, spoke of invisible dangers that lie in wait much like hidden crocodiles or land mines in a field that youth must cross on their way to maturity. "Neighborhoods and schools, which once were safe, are no longer secure," he said. "Fortunately you have within you a spiritual power much like a mine detector. If you learn how it works, it will warn you of the presence of unseen crocodiles and mines and you can avoid trouble."

Young people generally don't like restrictions, he said, but they must understand there is something of colossal importance to justify those imposed by the Word of Wisdom. He said it was "given for a principle with promise." (D&C 89:3.) He noted, "Generally principles are not spelled out in detail. That leaves you free to find your way with an enduring truth, a principle, as your anchor.

"Obedience to counsel will keep you on the safe side of life." He told of two men vying to become driver of a king's coach. The first hugged the wall of a high cliff as he drove down a steep winding road. The other expertly raced down, putting the coach so close to the edge that at times half the wheel was off the cliff. The king chose the first driver.

President Packer urged the youth to use moderation and common sense in matters of health, nutrition, and, particularly, medication, and to avoid being fanatical or a faddist.

He said greater blessings are promised in the Word of Wisdom, even "wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures." (D&C 89:19.) "This is the personal revelation through which you can detect invisible crocodiles or hidden mines or other dangers," he said.

"While the Word of Wisdom requires strict obedience, in return it promises health, great treasures of knowledge, and that redemption bought for us by the Lamb of God who was slain that we might be redeemed."

"Surely the Word of Wisdom was given so that you may keep the delicate, sensitive, spiritual part of your nature on proper alert. Learn to `listen' to your feelings. You will be guided and warned and taught and blessed.

"Even though young life is always filled with uncertainties, do not fear the future! Your young dreams can be realized. All your worthy natural physical and emotional desires can be satisfied. You can find a companion to whom you can offer a body free from addiction, from depressants and stimulants, and a mind sensitive to spiritual impressions.

"You can be sealed together for time and eternity and freely express that love which has as its consummate purpose the begetting of life, children, family, happiness.

"If you have been wandering off course, now is the time for you to return. You can, you know. Go forward with faith. . . . Keep the Word of Wisdom. Seek worthy companions. Attend Church faithfully. Never fail daily to seek for help through prayer. I promise you that the way will be easier and you shall have a composure of mind and a confident attitude toward life."

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