Conduct frequent spiritual checkups

Reaffirm goals

Assess current position- Initiate course corrections

Speaking Sunday morning, Elder Carlos E. Asay said he wonders "if we are paying sufficient attention to the spiritual aspects of our lives. Are we conducting frequent `spiritual checkups' to assess our standing before God and to determine whether we are on the path leading to eternal life?"

Elder Asay of the Presidency of the Seventy spoke on the need to stay on the true course leading to eternal life. "Such steadiness of direction requires three continuing actions:"

A reaffirmation of the desired goal.

An assessment of current position.

The initiation of needed course corrections.

He then expounded on these actions. "The need to remain focused on eternal goals is illustrated in the biblical account of Jesus walking on the sea and Peter's desire to do the same. Peter progressed over the water so long as he looked to Christ. But, when he diverted his gaze away from the Master and allowed fear and doubt to enter in, he began to sink.

"If we, like Peter, keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and our eternal destination, we, too, may `walk triumphantly over the swelling waves of disbelief, and unterrified amid the rising winds of doubt.' "

Continuing, Elder Asay said: "Once we have reaffirmed our goal and focused our eyes and hearts upon it, we must make an assessment of our current position."

He explained that mariners obtained bearings using a sextant. "This instrument enabled men to measure the angular distance of the sun or the stars from the horizon, in finding the position of a ship. The wise seaman who used the sextant in fixing position according to light from celestial sources usually reached safe harbors."

Elder Asay then described three spiritual sextants. He quoted President Boyd K. Packer in describing the first one: " `Each of us has a sextant in our minds infinitely more refined and precise than that of any mariner. It functions on the principle of light from celestial sources as well. If we will set that sextant in our minds to the words, ordinance and covenant, and then look up, light will come through.' "

Elder Asay then referred to Alma 37:44-47 in describing the second sextant: "[Alma] suggested the need to focus our minds and hearts upon the word of Christ, and then look to God.

"A third sextant provided us by a loving Father in Heaven comes in the form of living prophets."

Continuing, Elder Asay admonished: "If the assessment of current position reveals the slightest deviation from the right course leading to eternal life or the slightest drift from the mainstream of our faith, we must make immediate course corrections.

"Course correction, along with a forgiveness of sin, is made possible to the repentant soul who comes unto Christ. But, it requires faith, courage and high resolve."

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