New stake presidencies

Stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Canada, Mexico and Utah.

Stake reorganizations

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA WEST STAKE: (April 21, 1996) President - Alfredo Luis Salas, 36, southern cone-country manager for Autodesk Inc.; succeeding Oscar Alberto Abrea; wife, Elida Lilia F. Guindos de Salas. Counselors - Nicolas Luis Di Giovanni, 37, administrator and legal representative for Joseph College of Engineers; wife, Martina Graciana Garcia de Di Giovanni. Nestor Eduardo Ricart, 40, merchant; wife, Olga Noemi Krivak de Richart.

KANAB UTAH STAKE: (May 5, 1996) President - Merlin Esplin, 34, self-employed natural resource consultant; succeeding Joe Daniel Houston; wife, Christine Carroll Esplin. Counselors - Curtis O. Hawkins, 46, owner of hardware store; wife, Lynda Jean Crosby Hawkins. Raymond V. Heaton, 50, partner in Heaton Livestock Co.; wife, Allida Blanche Tucker Heaton.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO TACUBAYA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Hernando Sanchez S., 32, automotive electricity technician; succeeding Deivis Rivera Segura; wife, Adriana Fabiola Alvaradejo D. de Sanchez. Counselors - Ricardo Esteban Melchor A., 34, assistant manager of credit of Union Bank S.A.; wife, Betzabe Paema L. de Melchor. Humberto Solorzano B., 29, warehouse supervisor for Hewlett Packard of Mexico; wife, Yolanda Salazar M. de Solorzano.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO ZARAHEMLA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Guillermo Torres S., 32, manager of physical facilities for Church area office; succeeding Eder Ontiveros Lara; wife, Alma Hilda Flores H. de Torres. Counselors - Felix Alberto Martinez D., 39, general director of Benemerito school for Church Educational System; wife, Juana Maria Pinto G. de Martinez. Juan Angel Alvaradejo R., 47, construction manager for Church area office; wife, Rosa Elida Hernandez G. de Alvaradejo.

REYNOSA MEXICO STAKE: (April 21, 1996) President - Julio Amado Gomez A., 29, technical projection engineer for Delnosa S.A.; succeeding Juan Soriano Aparicio; wife, Liliana Sosa A. de Gomez. Counselors - Pedro Zamora V., 37, preventative maintenance technician for domestic engines; wife, Dora Alicia Gonzalez H. de Zamora. Humberto Sanchez T., 31, control engineer supervisor for Delnosa; wife, Veronica Gonzalez R. de Sanchez.

VERNON BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA STAKE: (April 21, 1996) President - Larry D. Bateman, 58, self-employed tax and financial planner; succeeding Robert J. Graham; wife, Judith Lenore Perry Bateman. Counselors - Douglas W. Salom, retained. H. Terrence Smith, 43, president and general manager of Silvatech Consulting Ltd.; wife Mary Ellen Murray Smith.

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