New stake presidencies

Two new stakes haves been created in Ecuador and in Utah.

The Guayaquil Ecuador El Cisne Stake, which includes the El Cisne, Independencia, Isla Trinitaria 1st, La Colmena, Paraiso and Siete De Septiembre wards, has been created by area authority Carl B. Pratt.The Layton Utah Layton Hills Stake, which includes the Lakeland, Layton 7th, 15th, and 42nd, Layton Hills and Lincoln wards, has been created by Elder Monte J. Brough of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Portugal, and in California, Colorado and Utah.

New stakes

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR EL CISNE STAKE: (Feb. 11, 1996) Created from the Guayaquil Ecuador West Stake. President - Melvin Merchan N., 28, employed by Sofocles Moran; wife, Teresa Alexandra Navas V. de Merchan. Counselors - Jose Ubaldo Santillan G., 49, construction electrical technician; wife, Betty Violeta Wong M. de Santillan. Carlos Alberto Loor R., 33, works for city of Guayaquil; wife, Yolanda Janneth Figueroa S. de Loor.

LAYTON UTAH LAYTON HILLS STAKE: (May 19, 1996) Created from the Layton Utah and Layton Utah Northridge Stakes. President - S. Clair Bankhead, 63, real estate director for the Church; wife, May Jean Bailey Bankhead. Counselors - Lyle R. Elmore, 54, territory manager for Health Services Corporation of America; wife, Linda Mitton Elmore. Todd Crook Cassity, 37, accountant for Questar Pipeline Co.; wife, Judy Ann Miller Cassity.

Stake reorganizations

COLORADO SPRINGS COLORADO STAKE: (June 2, 1996) President - William M. Tilton, 57, president of Summit Solutions Inc.; succeeding Richard Michael Savio; wife, Coyann Ball Tilton. Counselors - Clinton R. Jaynes Jr., 60, self-employed in the mobile home industry; wife, Anna Mae Bontrager Jaynes. Brent Lowell Hawker, 48, president of Brent Hawker & Company; wife, Hazel Ann Baird Hawker.

EL CAJON CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 19, 1996) President - M. Steven Andersen, 48, attorney; succeeding Allan Martin Gunnerson; wife, Kathryn Ann Schloer Andersen. Counselors - Gregory L. Weeks, 49, attorney; wife, Sherry Lynn Plumb Weeks. Lynn G. Van Wagenen, 53, supervising regulatory project manager for San Diego Gas & Electric; wife, Ann-Mari Christina Holmstrom Van Wagenen.

LAYTON UTAH NORTHRIDGE STAKE: (May 19, 1996) President - Kirk D. Black, 49, investment properties manager for Deseret Mutual; succeeding S. Clair Bankhead; wife, Tamera Rae Woolsey Black. Counselors - Dwight M. Kakazu, 50, auditor for Air Force Audit Agency,; wife, Patricia Jane Claspell Kakazu. C. Vance Downs, 43, teacher for Davis County School District; wife, Louenda Hess Downs.

LISBON PORTUGAL OEIRAS STAKE: (May 5, 1996) President Calisto Coelho M., 54, high school teacher; succeeding Jose Augusto Teixeira da Silva; wife, Maria Fernanda Papoila Magalhaes P. de Coelho. Counselors - Carlos Alberto Timoteo F., 35, high school teacher; wife, Fernanda Maria Monteiro S. de Timoteo. Afonso Henriques Martins A., 52, printing press manager; wife, Zita Maria Ramalho C. de Martins.

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