Living by the scriptures

O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth and cry repentance unto every people! - Alma 29:1.

When I made the decision to be baptized, a missionary told me that reading Alma, Chapter 32, would help me keep my faith strong.

I eagerly opened my Book of Mormon, found the book of Alma, and started reading Chapter 32. I next read Chapter 31 and I found myself continuing to read backwards until I came to Chapter 29. The words . . . "a voice to shake the earth," affected me very deeply. "I want to be that voice," I thought, "like my brother Alma must have felt."

My eyes welled up with tears of joy as I imagined myself to be that voice telling the world about the gospel, but at the same time I also felt a little presumptuous to wish to be an angel of the Lord.

In the 13 years that I have been a member of the Church, this verse has always reminded me to pray with desire, to keep reminding myself that my thoughts and actions must be kept pure before the Lord so that one day I may be just that voice to fulfill my role here on earth.

This year I was called to be stake director of public affairs, a calling that I never imagined would come to me. Again, Alma 29:1 has touched my heart and I know that my Heavenly Father is guiding me. I also know that my knowledge comes from my Heavenly Father who expects much of me - even to be an angel! I pray for continued faith and endurance.

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