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25 Years ago

Architects found seven of the original 30 sun stones used in the Nauvoo Temple while investigating the construction of another building in Nauvoo, the Church News reported on Aug. 7, 1971.

The stones, original capstones to seven of the 30 columns of the temple, were later used as part of the footings of the Icarion Building, built by a communal group for a school house. When the stones were discovered by architects Steven T. Baird and Tim Maxwell, the building was being used by the Church as a visitors center.

The report quoted Brother Baird: "As we searched under the foundation wall, we found a total of five whole stones and two that were badly broken."

The report also said: "Prior to the discovery at Nauvoo last week, the location of only two complete sun stones and a part of a third was known."

The complete stones were owned and displayed by Illinois state parks. The other, partial stone was owned by the Church and was kept on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

Quote from the past

"We need to give our young people the economic facts of life - as well as the moral and spiritual facts; what it means to produce; what it means to meet a payroll; what it means to provide for a family; what it means to save; what it means to stay solvent." - Elder Richard L. Evans, in an address given at the October 1970 general conference.

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