New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created in Australia, El Salvador and Guatemala, and in Idaho and Utah.

The Apopa El Salvador Stake has been created by Elder William R. Bradford of the Seventy. The stake includes the Apopa, Las Flores, Quezaltepeque, Refineria and Villa Mariona wards, and the Popotlan branch.The Draper Utah Crescent View Stake, which includes the Crescent 1st, 11th, 12th, 22nd, 25th and 30th wards, and the Crescent Crosslands Branch, has been created by Elder Glenn L. Pace of the Seventy.

The Nambou Austalia Stake has been created by Elder Bruce C. Hafen of the Seventy. It includes the Buderim, Gympie, Kawana Waters and Nambour wards, and the Kingaroy branch.

The Patzicia Guatemala Stake, which includes the El Calvario, Pachitol, Patzicia 1st and 2nd, and Patzun wards, and the Tecpan and Zaragoza branches, has been created by Elder William R. Bradford of the Seventy.

The Rexburg Idaho South Stake, which includes the Archer, Lyman 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and Sunnydell wards, has been created by Elder Joe J. Christensen of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Australia and El Salvador, and in Colorado, Idaho and Utah.

New stakes

APOPA EL SALVADOR STAKE: (Oct. 20, 1996) Created from the San Salvador El Salvador Cuzcatlan, San Salvador El Salvador La Libertad and San Salvador El Salvador Soyapango

Stakes. President - Julio Alberto Vargas R., 34, assistant accountant for Technology Institute of C.A.; wife, Alrely del Carmen Alfaro de Reyes. Counselors - Rene Armando Guillen B., 42, office worker for Antel; wife, Luz De Maria Rivera R. de Guillen. Moris Flores H., 41, construction contractor.

DRAPER UTAH CRESCENT VIEW STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) Created from the Sandy Utah Crescent South Stake. President - Craig E. Middleton, 46, president and owner of Wallboard Specialties Inc.; wife, Peggy Ann Kerksiek Middleton. Counselors - Noal R. Hardcastle, 60, partner of American Crane Inc.; wife, Lynda Fairbourn Hardcastle. Kerry J. Barlow, 38, account executive for Mosler Inc.; wife, Wendy Wiest Barlow.

NAMBOUR AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) Created from the Brisbane Australia North Stake. President - Michael D. Keily, 47, self-employed private investigator; wife, Dorothy Judith Mifsud Keily. Counselors - Graham J. Thomas, 48, self-employed public accountant; wife, Winifrey June Ellis Thomas. T. Keith Atkinson, 45, self-employed electrical contractor; wife, Catherine Margaret Munro Atkinson.

PATZICIA GUATEMALA STAKE: (Nov. 10, 1996) Created from the Chimaltenango Guatemala Stake. President - Carlos Antonio Guit A., 31, employee of national archives department for General Property Records; wife, Elsa Maricela Can M. de Guit. Counselors - Martin Per T., 35, farmer; wife, Catalina Chex de Per. Ruben Meren A., merchant; wife, Roselia Ajsac M. de Meren.

REXBURG IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) Created from the Rexburg Idaho East Stake. President - Garth S. Olsen, 58, teacher at Ricks College; wife, Kay Rydalch Olsen. Counselors - LaMar E. Wilcox, 53, potato quality inspector and fieldman for Walker Farms and Produce; wife, Judy Belnap Wilcox. Von W. Clark, 48, potato buyer for High Country Potato; wife, Carla Dawn Smith Clark.

Stake reorganizations

BLOOMINGTON UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Stanford S. McConkie, 52, partner at Morley & McConkie L.C.; succeeding Steven H. Peterson; wife, Kathleen Ann Sorensen McConkie. Counselors - Robert W. Prince, 42, orthodontist; wife, Diane Larson Prince. Stanley J. Plewe, 53, vice president of administration of Dixie College; wife, Barbara Going Plewe.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Carl Ross Maurer, retained. Counselors - Paul W. Fell, 37, general manager of The Personal Trading Post; wife, Helen Johnston Fell. Craig Owen, 36, self-employed management consultant; wife, Suzanne Nita Dawney Owen.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Mark Butterworth, 37, employed by Prince Charles Hospital; succeeding Douglas Walter Hill; wife, Jacqueline Anne Croucher Butterworth. Counselors - Wayne Francis Dumbrell, retained. Mark A. White, 35, principle telecommunications officer for Telstra; wife, Darryl Garland Kelly Williams White.

DECLO IDAHO STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - William K. Mendenhall, 45, general manager for Simplot AgriSource; succeeding Del Berrett Garner; wife, Patricia M. Matthews Mendenhall. Counselors - Dee L. Jones, 36, president and general manager of Pickett Equipment; wife, Bonnie Coltrin Jones. Alan J. Harper, 37, ; wife, Beverly Kay Hurst Harper.

MONTROSE COLORADO STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Clinton W. Booth, 52, president and chief executive officer of Paonia State Bank; succeeding R. Dwight Rawlings; wife, Shirleen Holman Booth. Counselors - William M. Taylor, 45, supervisor at Mine Safety and Health Administration; wife, Shanna Semken Taylor. Clark A. Schiller, 41, self-employed in sales and insurance; wife, Lori Ann Bryan Schiller.

OREM UTAH NORTHRIDGE STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Larry Viehweg Perkins, retained. Counselors - Geoffrey James Germane, retained. Jack R. Christianson, 42, institute instructor for Church Educational System; wife, Melanie Jane Harris Christianson.

REXBURG IDAHO EAST STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - G. Farrell Young, retained. Counselors - Byron H. Webster, retained. J. Vance Hendricks, 60, director of counseling center for Ricks College; wife, Diane Larsen Hendricks.

SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR SOYAPANGO STAKE: (Oct. 20, 1996) David Omar Marroquin Alvarez, retained. Counselors - Raul Antonio Valladares D., 29. Jose Alfredo Escobar, 34, police officer; wife, Maria Mercedes Cruz M. de Escobar.

SANDY UTAH CRESCENT SOUTH STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Jeffrey P. Johnson, 49, manager of scripture translation for Church; succeeding Richard Sheldon Willey; wife, Peggy Davis Johnson. Counselors - R. Wallace H. Rose, 40, self-employed marketing consultant; wife, Valinda Jean Stetich Rose. Bradford C Stone, 43, chairman, chief executive officer and owner of Homeowners Plus Financial Services; wife, Penny Kaye Crowton Stone.

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