Set goals to make

Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve suggested that members participate in some kind of project to help make the trek of the Mormon Battalion or the Mormon pioneers more personal and meaningful to them. He suggested that they set goals, the accomplishment of each to be marked with a star or sticker on a specific site of a map of the exodus from Nauvoo or of the trek of the battalion.

For greater effectiveness, he suggested that the goals be "not easy ones," but goals that will take specific effort to accomplish. The goals would be determined by individual interests and abilities. Completing a manuscript for a book, attending the temple every week, or creating quality works of art were among examples he cited.The project is not to end with the placement of stars or stickers upon completion of each goal, however. "Study the area of the map and what it means either to the Mormon Battalion or some other [pioneer trek] across the United States," he said.

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