Conference sustainings, releases

Granted emeritus status,

First Quorum of the SeventyElder J. Richard Clarke

Elder Dean L. Larsen

Elder Robert E. Wells

Released from Second Quorum of the Seventy

Elder Lino Alvarez

Elder C. Max Caldwell

Elder John E. Fowler

Elder Augusto A. Lim

Elder V. Dallas Merrell

Elder F. David Stanley

Elder Kwok Yuen Tai

Sustained as Area Authority Seventies

(Assigned to the Third Quorum of the Seventy)

Elder John A. Grinceri, Perth Australia

Elder David W. Eka, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Released from Young Men General Presidency

Elder F. David Stanley, first counselor

Elder Robert K. Dellenbach, second counselor

Sustained to Young Men General Presidency

Elder Robert K. Dellenbach, first counselor

Elder F. Melvin Hammond, second counselor

Released from Sunday School General Presidency

Elder F. Burton Howard, first counselor

Elder Glenn L. Pace, second counselor

Sustained to Sunday School General Presidency

Elder Glenn L. Pace, first counselor

Elder Neil L. Andersen, second counselor

Released from Young Women General Presidency

Janette Hales Beckham, president

Virginia H. Pearce, first counselor

Carol B. Thomas, second counselor

Sustained to Young Women General Presidency

Margaret D. Nadauld, president

Carol B. Thomas, first counselor

Sharon G. Larsen, second counselor

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