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50 years ago

With the placement of missionaries in Guatemala and Costa Rica during September 1947, missionary work was extended into Central America, according to the Oct. 25, 1947, Church News.

"The Mexican Mission now includes all the territory from the United States-Mexican boundary to the Panama-Colombian boundary," the article stated. "The extension of territory was authorized by the First Presidency, July, 1946, and last month by their direction, the first missionaries were assigned to labor in Guatemala and Costa Rica."

President Arwell L. Pierce of the Mexican Mission and his second counselor, H. Clark Fails, accompanied four elders to Guatemala.

After the missionaries held a meeting on a hillside overlooking Guatemala City and prayed for success in the country, the mission leaders left Elder Seth G. Mattice of Pima, Ariz., and Elder Earl E. Hansen, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, to begin the work there.

President Pierce, Brother Fails, and Elder Robert B. Miller of St. David, Ariz., and Elder David D. Lingard of Salt Lake City then went on to Costa Rica. After some meetings, the mission leaders left the elders to begin the work in that country.

"The prospects are promising in both of these countries," the article concluded. "Already several fine investigators have been found, and tracting and cottage meetings are being held."

Quote from the past

"In the Doctrine and Covenants we are promised that by keeping the Sabbath Day holy the fullness of the earth shall be ours. That is a pretty simple formula if we have faith in the work of the Lord." - From an address given by Elder Henry D. Moyle of the Quorum of the Twelve during the October 1947 general conference.

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