New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created, three in Brazil and one each in the Philippines and Washington.

In Brazil, Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy has created the Fortaleza Brazil South Stake and the Sao Jose Dos Pinhais Brazil Stake. The Fortaleza stake includes the Castelao, Itaperi, Jose Walter 1st and 2nd, Montenegro, and Pantanal wards. The Sao Jose Dos Pinhais stake includes the Afonso Pena, Cidade Jardim, Eucaliptos, Parque Iguacu, Sao Jose Dos Pinhais and Xaxim wards, and the Jardim Imperial, Jardim Ype and Quississana branches.The Sao Paulo Brazil Parque Bristol Stake, which includes the Cursino, Jardim Da Saude, Jardim Maria Estela, Parque Bristol and Vila Moraes wards, and the Dos Ourives and Jardim Climax branches, has been created by Elder J. Kent Jolley of the Seventy.

The Antipolo Philippines Stake, which includes the Antipolo 1st, Bagong Nayon, Cogeo, Masagana 2nd and San Isidro wards, and the Antipolo 2nd and Masagana 1st branches, has been created by Elder Duane B. Gerrard of the Seventy

The Lacey Washington Stake, which includes the Lacey 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, and Yelm 1st and 2nd wards, has been created by Elder Glenn L. Pace of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines, and in Oregon, Tennessee, Utah and Washington.

New stakes

ANTIPOLO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 17, 1997) Created from the Antipolo Philippines District. President - Arnulfo T. Roda, 40, senior operations and maintenance supervisor for Church area office; wife, Ludovina Evangelista De Leon Roda. Counselors - Augusto E. Pedraja, 61, self-employed businessman; wife, Aida De Leon Felicitas Pedraja. Ranulfo V. Dyquiangco, 42, businessman; wife, Emma Ruth Enriquez Oroceo Dyquiangco.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL SOUTH: (Aug. 17, 1997) Created from the Fortaleza Brazil Montese Stake. President - David Garcia Fernandes, 33, religion educator for Deseret Association; wife, Liduina Maria Simao Tomaz de Garcia. Counselors - Jorge Felix de Lima, 33, employee of Deseret Association; wife, Margaride Pereira Souza de Lima. Francisco Carlos Felix de Lima, 28, self-employed clothing manufacturer; wife, Elda Maria de Oliveira Silva de Lima.

LACEY WASHINGTON STAKE: (Sept. 14, 1997) Created from the Olympia Washington Stake. President - Ralph Warren Smith Jr., 52, assistant secretary for state of Washington; wife, Elizabeth Ann Rothey Smith. Counselors - Kenneth Cluff Eldredge, 54, recreation program manager for Forest Service; wife, Linda Louise Squires Eldredge. Scott Rodney Turner, 45, assistant director for department of personnel for state of Washington; wife, Marcille Louise Wilson Turner.

SAO JOSE DOS PINHAIS BRAZIL: (Sept. 14, 1997) Created from the Curitiba Brazil and Curitiba Brazil Boqueirao Stakes. President - Nata Cruciol Tobias, 39, teacher coordinator for Deseret Association and Church Educational System; wife, Tarcila Barreto Figueiredo de Tobias. Counselors - Antonio Kraft, 53, military officer; wife, Traude Mundt de Kraft. Edison Luiz Schuck Da Rocha, 32, salesman for Linck S/A; wife, Silmara Nunes Schuck Silva de Rocha.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL PARQUE BRISTOL STAKE: (Sept. 14, 1997) Created from the Sao Paulo Brazil West Stake. President - Ricardo Vieira, assistant administrator for Church Educational System; wife, Neide Carunalho Souza de Vieira. Counselors - Alvaro Luis Ichi, 37, dentist; wife, Fatima Cristina Pires de Ichi. Sergio Ricardo Pires, 31, partner of Omni Development Systems; wife, Luciana Cossalter Stafussi de Pires.

Stake reorganizations

ANGELES PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Sept. 21, 1997) President - Rolando S. Magallano, 37, storekeeper for Voice of America; succeeding George W. Lee; wife, Erlinda Fontanilla Anteloa Magallano. Counselors - Edmundo V. Jose, 42, sales center operator for Cosway Philippines Inc.; wife, Estrella Ngateb Reyna Jose. Joseph P. Gutierrez, 31, district manager for Zvellib Phantra Corp.; wife, Luzyiminda Badilla Dizon Gutierrez.

BEND OREGON STAKE: (Sept. 21, 1997) President - Leroy Edward Chastain, 58, self-employed legal investigator; succeeding Ronald Keith Fuller; wife, Janice Lynne Rives Chastain. Counselors - Dah Wen Tsang, 50, vice president of engineering and research and development for Advanced Power Tech; wife, Shan-Shan Yvonne Yang Tsang. Steven Paul Rau, 45, vocational consultant and manager for Cooley/Associates; wife, Linda Kay Unruh Rau.

CUERNAVACA MEXICO STAKE: (Sept. 21, 1997) President - Saul Figueroa L., 29, equipment mechanic for Bridgestone Firestone of Mexico S.A.; succeeding Leon Lopez Jacome; wife, Rosa Maria Ibarra M. de Figueroa. Counselors - Ignacio Pineda S. 38, logistics manager for Westfalia Landtechulk; wife, Maria de La Luz Diaz S. de Pineda. Cesar Juan Carlos Gonzalez T., 32, physician and medical representative for government; wife, Zaida M. Zarraga O. de Gonzalez.

CURITIBA BRAZIL BOQUEIRAO STAKE: (Sept. 14, 1997) President - Walter Jagher Getulio de Silva, 41, technician and business information director for Global Information Ltda.; succeeding Nata Cruciol Tobias; wife, Cintia de Fatima Nadolny de Silva. Counselors - Benvindo Michelisa, 38, self-employed; wife, Kramer Silvana Bittencourt de Michelisa. Ruy Carlos Antunes, 30, vehicles salesman; wife, Araceli Oliveira Compos de Antunes.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL MONTESE STAKE: (Aug. 17, 1997) President - Jose Araujo Bezerra, retained. Counselors - Jose de Arimateia Santiago, retained. Antonio Kaulle Machado Bezerra, 34, coordinator for Deseret Association; wife, Ana Rosa de Oliveira Moura de Bezerra.

KAYSVILLE UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 21, 1997) President - Max Paul Brough, 56, director of technical information for University of Utah; succeeding L. Gary Telford; wife, Rosanna Kennedy Brough. Counselors - Kyle Robert Stephens, 45, agriculture administrator for Utah; wife, Joanne Carter Stephens. Paul Manning Belnap, 45, partner in Strong & Hanni law firm; wife, Elizabeth Ann Moss Belnap.

KAYSVILLE UTAH CRESTWOOD STAKE: (Sept. 14, 1997) President - Thomas Craig Bott, 46, director of government coordination for Salt Lake Olympic Committee; succeeding Robert Glen Mouritsen; wife, Pamela Martin Bott. Counselors - Dwight Avard Rigby, 50, cardiologist; wife, Kim Parsons Novak Rigby. Calvin Ralph Harris, 50, teacher with Davis County School District; wife, Linda Kay Crosby Harris.

MEMPHIS TENNESSEE STAKE: (Sept. 14, 1997) President - Darrel Keith Danielson, 51, facilitator for Federal Express; succeeding Donald B. Spencer; wife, Linda Jean Stay Danielson. Counselors - Craig Jay Langstraat, 47, professor of accounting at University of Memphis; wife, Carolyn Cook Langstraat. Robert Graham McBride, 40, owner and manager of State Systems Inc.; wife, Nancy Wells Moore McBride.

MONTICELLO UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 21, 1997) President - James Terry Eardley, 45, teacher for San Juan School District; succeeding F. Cooper Jones; wife, Cindra Jean Skeem Eardley. Counselors - Richard Max Bailey, 40, administrator for San Juan County; wife, Marilee Hugentobler Bailey. Randy Kay Butler, 44, salesman for Mike Young Chevrolet; wife, Laura Anne Augustine Butler.

OLYMPIA WASHINGTON STAKE: (Sept. 14, 1997) President - George Kenji Tsukamoto, 58, game management program manager for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; succeeding Ralph W. Smith Jr.; wife, Sharon Miyako Kawahara Tsukamoto. Counselors - Willis Albert Whitney, 57, senior engineer for Sargent Engineers Inc.; wife, Kathryn Ida Johnson Whitney. Gregary M. Blackner, 41, physician; wife, Deneen Dianne Barrett Blackner.

RIVERTON UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 21, 1997) President - James Michael Madsen, 50, district office administrator for Jordan School District; succeeding William Robert Applegarth; wife, Maxine Christiansen Madsen. Counselors - William Charles Mills, 50, insurance broker, vice president for Transwestern General Agency; wife, Mary Ethel Slater Mills. James L. Mickelsen, 40, owner of Majestic Design; wife, Analee Jordon Mickelsen.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL GUARULHOS STAKE: (Aug. 10, 1997) President - Mauro Maciel Da Silva, 40, condominium manager and administrator for Lide Administration Predial; succeeding Gilmar Dias Da Silva; wife, Cibelia Santos Passos de Silva. Counselors - Lourival Becegato, 52, machine operator for Alliedsignal Guarulhos; wife, Clarice Maria de Almeida de Becegato. Hilton Jose Costa, 26, reservations agent for TransBrasil SA; wife, Lucilene Apareida de Moras Costa.

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