Family home evening to aid `moral recovery'

The Philippine government, through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), endorsed the use of the Church's family home evening program as one of the activities promoted throughout the Philippines during Family Week 1997.

In a letter to the Philippines/Micronesia Area presidency, Lina B. Laigo, DSWD cabinet minister and chairman of the National Family Week Steering Committee, emphasized that the family home evening program will be used not only during Family Week but also will form "part of the government's continuing campaign for moral recovery."Secretary Laigo has also requested the Church to provide the local government units with copies of the family home evening resource book, videos on the family, and printed brochures and other materials to aid in teaching family and moral values.

In response to the secretary's request, the Church made the following materials available: the family home evening resource book, various family videos and the "Why Families" pamphlet. Stakes and districts also worked closely with their local DSWD and Department of Education (DECS) offices in promoting family home evening during National Family Week in their communities this year.

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