`It affected the lives of multitudes'

"June 8, 1978, is no doubt an unforgettable day," said Elder Helvecio Martins of the Seventy at the April 1995 general conference. "On this day priesthood and temple blessings were extended to all worthy male members of the Church. Memorable indeed, its impact affected the lives of uncountable multitudes - of millions who had full knowledge of its meaning and of many others who have not yet arrived, perhaps, to the knowledge of the full extension of its effects.

"On that date the First Presidency announced to the whole world a new and special revelation of the Lord, which was preceded by many prayers and much supplication for His divine direction.

"What great changes that revelation promoted in the lives of so many children of our Father in Heaven, and among them my humble family in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"It seemed unbelievable. It was an unexpected event, never before dreamed of by those whom the Father in His perfect wisdom preserved until this day when they would be best prepared to respond to the serious requirements of this truly honorable stewardship, which is the priesthood."

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