New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created, in Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, New York and Utah.

The Accra Ghana Christiansborg Stake, which includes the Christiansborg, Madina, Accra New Town, Nungua, Tema 1st and 2nd, and Teshie wards, has been created by Elder David W. Eka, Area Authority Seventy.The Barueri Brazil Stake, which includes the Ariston, Barueri, Carapicuiba, Itapevi and Jandira wards, and the Santana Do Parnaiba branch, has been created by Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy.

The Cuenca Ecuador Stake, which includes the Alamos, Azogues, Miraflores, Las Americas, Tarqui and Tomebamba wards, and the El Batan, Monay, Totoracocha and Yanuncay branches, has been created by Elder Francisco J. Vinas of the Seventy.

The Mendon Utah Stake, which includes the College, Mendon 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Spring Creek and Young Wards, has been created by Elder Alexander B. Morrison of the Seventy.

The Westchester New York Stake, which includes the Kingsbridge 1st and 2nd, Olmstead 2nd, and Westchester 1st and 2nd wards, and the Concourse 1st and 2nd, Longwood 1st and 2nd, Olmstead 1st and Westchester 3rd branches, has been created by Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand and Peru, and in Idaho, Texas and Utah.

New stakes

ACCRA GHANA CHRISTIANSBORG STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) Created from the Accra Ghana Stake. President - Emmanuel Ohene Opare, 47, managing consultant for Ohene Opare Consultants; wife, Monica Naa Bersah Mettle-Nunoo Opare. Counselors - Charles Ridley Bessa-Simons, 47, procurement officer for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority; wife, Margaret Stoovie-Duncan Bessa-Simons. Richard Kinesi Ahadjie, 43, building and civil engineering contractor for Rema-Asma G. Ltd.; wife, Emelia Mouso Ahadjie.

BARUERI BRAZIL STAKE: (Oct. 26, 1997) Created from the Osasco Brazil Stake. President - Marcos Antony Aidukaitis, 38, general manager for Ogara-Hess; wife, Luisa Englert Aidukaitis. Counselors - Tarcisio Alberto L. V. Mindelli, 41, merchant for Otica Mindelli Photo; wife, Ana Maria Rodrigues de Mindelli. Cassio Pereira Da Motta, 35, coordinator of transportation for Globo Publishers S/A; wife, Nitza Peixoto Silva Da Motta.

CUENCA ECUADOR STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) Created from the Cuenca Ecuador District. President - Wilson Arcesio Pulla Q., 36, industrial electronics consultant for Prodilec; wife, Concepcion Cecilia Lojano L. de Pulla. Counselors - Edison Giovanny Cardenas C., 33, salesman; wife, Sonia Maria Troya V. de Cardenas. Jack Steven Arguello L., 26, business technician consultant for Jamie Rios; wife, Ana Eulalia Pintado S. de Arguello.

MENDON UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) Created from the Logan Utah and Wellsville Utah Stakes. President - Edwin Hyrum Jenson, 55, assistant principal at Mountain Crest High School; wife, Arvona Rawlings Jenson. Counselors - Paul Dee Longhurst, 44, manager and mortgage loan officer for Cache Mortgage; wife, Denise H. Holmgren Longhurst. Stanley Theron Buxton, 53, physical security supervisor for Thiokol; wife, Gayle Christensen Buxton.

WESTCHESTER NEW YORK STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) Created from the New York New York Stake and the Bronx New York District. President - Douglas Romney Jackson, 56, president of Spectron Inc.; wife, Joan Whiteley Taylor Jackson. Counselors - Carlos Gustavo Quiroa, 35, accountant representative for Downtown Business Service Inc.; wife, Alcinda Albertina Lopes Quiroa. Brent Claine Petersen, 45, vice president of photography for ABC Television; wife, Terri Ann Messervy Petersen.

Stake reorganizations

ACCRA GHANA LARTEBIOKORSHIE STAKE (FORMERLY ACCRA GHANA STAKE): (Nov. 9, 1997) President - Charles Sono Koree, 49, self-employed building and civil contractor; succeeding Emmanuel Ohene Opare; wife, Mercy Koramoah Sono-Koree. Counselors - Emmanuel Franklyn Sackey, retained. Isaac Andoh-Kesson, 43, chief photogrammetrist and director of surveys for Survey Department of Ghana; wife, Georgette Mary Mensah Andoh-Kesson.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA GRANADA STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) President - Edgar Justino Gomez L., 40, real estate supervisor for Church Area office, succeeding Hector Alfonso Hernandez Malaver; wife, Ana Cristina Latorre M. de Gomez. Counselors - Edgar Nain Bolivar F., 36, systems administrator for Canadian Embassy; wife, Stella Borda R. de Bolivar. Jose De Los Santos Guauque, retained.

CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) President - Barry Andrew Mitchell, 37, manager and chartered accountant for Price Waterhouse; succeeding Allistair Bruce Odgers; wife, Tania Katrina Wehi Mitchell. Counselors - Sekesiutele Lavea, 39, process worker for Advanced Door Systems; wife, Camellia Ligaliga Lavea. David Kenneth Healy, 46, technical officer for University of Canterbury; wife, Jacqueline Patricia Ireland Healy.

COLLEGE STATION TEXAS STAKE: (Nov. 16, 1997) President - Keith Hyde Kuttler, 40, executive vice president and chief financial officer for The Adam Corporation/Group; succeeding C. Richard Shumway Jr.; wife, Kathy Ann Beaman Kuttler. Counselors - Clifford Leon Whetten, 51, professor at Texas A&M University; wife, Rosalyn Hatch Whetten. Frank William Hersom, 51, vice president and project manager for Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum Inc. Architects; wife, Merlynn Elaine Young Hersom.

FILER IDAHO STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) President - David Michael Phillips, 52, insurance agent and regional representative for Farm Bureau; succeeding Thomas L. Chandler Jr.; wife, Lana Jean Larsen Phillips. Counselors - Carl Stanton Hansen, 55, self-employed farmer; wife, Lauralee Bennion Hansen. Jerry Lynn Staley, 45, owner of J Bar S Construction; wife, Debra K. Workman Staley.

GUATEMALA CITY GUATEMALA MILAGRO STAKE: (Oct. 26, 1997) President - Mario Eliezar Zarate P., 31, caretaker for Modern Mills; succeeding Carlos David Paiz Montufar; wife, Alicia Castaixeda Domingo S. de Zarate. Counselors - Luis Alfredo Archila L., 45, investigations coordinator for Intecap; wife, Vilma Veronica Lool S. de Archila. Edy Fernando Jimenez S., 31, employed in various services for Church Distribution Center; wife, Karin Yesenia Lima C. de Jimenez.

LIMA PERU CHORRILLOS STAKE: (Nov. 16, 1997) President - Marco Antonio Saavedra V., 28, systems manager for Omino Vision Clinic S.A.; succeeding Israel Gonzalez Borjas; wife, Maria Teresa Quispe N. de Saavedra. Counselors - Miguel Angel Ventura G., 40, sales manager for Lining Commercial; wife, Guadalupe Sofia Angeles V. de Ventura. Francisco Ibarra G., 50, maintenance worker for Aspersud; wife, Sabina Lagos A. de Ibarra.

LOGAN UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) President - Brent T. Cottle, 43, teacher for Church Educational System; succeeding Edwin Hyrum Jenson; wife, Joyce Lorraine Anderson Cottle. Counselors - Sherman R. Conger, 43, vice president and partner of In-A-Minit Mart; wife, Rebecca Biggs Conger. Rocky Kellett Maughan, 41, teacher for Cache County Schools; wife, Dixie Ann Stirland Maughan.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO CONTRERAS STAKE: (Nov. 16, 1997) President - Jose Angel Blanco R., 51, education supervisor; succeeding Victor Manuel Salinas Gonzales; wife, Nelly Maldonado O. de Blanco. Counselors - Miguel Mujica E., 47, packing engineer for House of Fuller; wife, Maria Isabel Sanchez S. de Mujica. Aaron Garcia D., 42, security manager for Church Educational System; wife, Maria Elena Badillo G. de Garcia.

OSASCO BRAZIL STAKE: (Oct. 26, 1997) President - Joao Luis Dos Santos Oppe, 32, chief of administrations division for Sharp of Brazil; succeeding Marcos Antony Aidukaitis; wife, Sueli Delgado Lopes de Oppe. Counselors - Atilio Perini Perovano, 44, quality control manager for O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt; wife, Marcia Da Rocha Camargo Perovano. Flavio Bernardes, 43, district manager of channels sales for Sybase Brazil; wife, Marlene Marchioli de Bernardes.

WELLSVILLE UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) President - Richard D Rawlinson, retained. Counselors - Richard Norman Wells, retained. Luell "J" Perrett, 57, institute instructor at Utah State University; wife, Sandra Jeanene Bennett Perrett.

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