This week in Church history

50 years ago

A new microfilm department was added to the Genealogical Society Library, reported the Dec. 13, 1947, Church News.

The technology allowed thousands of records to be preserved in 10 percent of the space required to store the same amount of material in written form.

It was expected that records from all parts of the world would soon be kept in the library, making the library the most impressive and largest microfilm library in the world.

Quote from the past

"Youth of the Church, young men and young women, you are the richest people in the world. "Some of you may say in your minds that you have no money. . . . Money perishes; but the wealth that you have surpassses anything that you can gain here in this world. . . . You are members of the true Church of Jesus Christ and are recipients of the restored gospel of our Lord and Savior." - Elder Milton R. Hunter of the Seventy from an address given in the October 1947 general conference.

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