New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in Chile.

Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy has created the Santiago Chile Estacion Central Stake and the Valdivia Chile Calle Calle Stake.The new stake in Santiago includes the Aeropuerto, El Estero, Estacion Central, Los Claveles, Santiago and Villa Alessandri wards. The new stake in Valdivia includes the Calle Calle, El Laurel, Holzapel, Los Encinos and Martinez De Rozas wards, and the Paillaco branch.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile, Switzerland, and in California and Florida.

New stakes

SANTIAGO CHILE ESTACION CENTRAL STAKE: (Nov. 16, 1997) Created from the Santiago Chile Cinco De Abril Stake. President - Cesar Manuel Escobar P., 52, self-employed mineral water distributor; wife, Juana Adriana Alcaide P. de Escobar. Counselors - Jose Manuel Carter C., 33, comptroller for Danzas Chile; wife, Ximena Gabriela Acevedo H. de Carter. Juan Luis Ivan Barrios S., 29, secretary for Church Educational System; wife, Marina Isabel Tobar P. de Barrios.

VALDIVIA CHILE CALLE STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) Created from the Valdivia Chile Stake. President - Jaime Enrique Gonzalez C., 30, bank appraiser; wife, Mariela Yanet Scholtz F. de Gonzalez. Jorge Emilio Osses G., 33, telephone installer; wife, Ledis Serafina Huenchuguala A. de Osses. Elias Alberto Suarez N., 23, publicity clerk for Luis Rojas Campos; wife, Lorena Soledad Rojas M. de Suarez.

Stake reorganizations

GAINESVILLE FLORIDA STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - John Shuman Anderson, 48, president of Nation Mark Inc.; succeeding Brent Jay Ostermiller; wife, Coral Heatherly Anderson. Counselors - James Edward Haddock, 49, vice president of commercial underwriting for First Union National Bank; wife, Marsha Gail Stevenson Haddock. George Fleming Copeland, 52, assistant superintendent for business affairs for Clay County School District; wife, Laura Jean Rigby Copeland.

GENEVA SWITZERLAND STAKE: (Nov. 30, 1997) President - Eric Andre Perrier, 36, manager for Guinchard Yveldon; succeeding Franz Rudolf Gaag; wife, Flor Maria Diaz-Sazo Perrier. Counselors - Jean G. Frey, 63, accountant; wife, Elide Riva Frey. Jean Paul Cosentino, 40, accountant for Thoiry-France Service Center; wife, Christine Babboni Consentino.

SANTIAGO CHILE CINCO DE ABRIL STAKE: (Nov. 16, 1997) President - Carlos Alfredo Celis Zapata, retained. Counselors - Benito Enrique Contreras D., 36, clerk for Santiago Bank; wife, Cecilia De Las Mercedes Riquelme P. de Contreras. Juan Moises Bustos M., 36, clerk for AFP Basander S.A.; wife, Madelaine Del Rosario Saez C. de Bustos.

VALDIVIA CHILE STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) President - Eduardo Alonso Mora R., 36, security employee for Renta Nacional S.A.; succeeding Ambrosio Linc Paineo; wife, Edith Isabel Insotroza W. de Mora. Counselors - Mario Jorge Faundez M., 39, engineer for Codico Construction LTDA; wife, Maria Ximena Cabrera M. de Faundez. Eduardo Guido Diaz V., 31, salesman for AFP Protection; wife, Veronica Del Carmen Villarroel G. de Diaz.

YUBA CITY CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Richards Lee Hall, 43, community services director for Sutter County; succeeding Howard Taysum Garrick; wife, Joanne Ottley Hall. Counselors - Craig Merrill Reading, 49, dentist; wife, Leslie Blake Wolff Reading. Lewis Calvin Stubblefield, 46, self-employed chiropractor; wife, Laurel Louise Hawley Stubblefield.

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