Blessed are the merciful. . .

And blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. (3 Ne. 12:7)

In 1978 Seville Rubini and his wife, Mora, traveled to the Washington Temple from Venezuela to be married. They spent all their savings on the trip and upon arriving did not have enough money for a hotel room.

Michael Wheeler, a member they met at the temple, took them in - offering them food and shelter, free of charge, for their entire two-week stay in the United States.

"My wife and I decided after that trip . . . that from that day on we would serve the Lord in all the ways we could, following the example of that young elder who so kindly and willingly offered us a shelter," Brother Rubini said.

Brother Rubini later went to school and became an engineer, working in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Orlando temples.

Today a member of the Windermere Ward, Orlando Florida South Stake, Brother Rubini and his wife have lived up to their resolve to help others. Hundreds of members from Puerto Rico and Venezuela have been welcomed into the Rubinis' home.

Although Brother Rubini sought no recognition for his service, a sister whom he works with in the temple noticed his quiet deeds.

In a letter to the Church News, she explained that Brother Rubini and his wife provide free rooms, transportation and food to poor families who have traveled to Florida to do temple work. Some members have stayed with the Rubinis for as long as two or three weeks. When they return home, they tell friends and family members about the people who helped them.

The Rubinis' bishop, David T. Halversen, describes the family as humble, willing servants of the Lord - who do not have a lot of money themselves.

Because they want every member of the Church to have a good experience in Florida, Brother Rubini also sees to it that many of the families that stay in his home have the opportunity to visit Disney World.

To do this, Brother Rubini, his wife, and three children - Jennifer, Jonathan, and Joanna - volunteer at the theme park as often as possible. For their work, they receive free passes - which they give to the many Church members who stay in their home.

Pauline Brannen, recently released as assistant to the matron of the Orlando Temple, said any time members came to the temple (often without the ability to speak English) and needed some place to stay, she knew she could call on the Rubinis.

"There were so many, many times," she said. "He has always been so helpful."

Brother Rubini said he still remembers with deep appreciation the time he received the very service he is now giving to others. His service, he explained, is one way to thank the man who helped him. And it is his hope that the people he helps will, in turn, help others.

Brother Rubini, who was hesitant to be the topic of a Church News article, said he serves others simply because he is Christian - because he has a testimony of Jesus Christ and is striving to be His disciple.

"Jesus Christ healed the sick, fed the hungry, loved the unlovable, taught His pure gospel to the ignorant, and worked miracles among His people. . . ," Brother Rubini testified. "He lives. He is Christ the King. He is my Savior, my Redeemer. He is my friend in whom I trust. In His name I pray, in His love I rejoice, in His mercy I find peace to my troubled heart."

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