New stake presidencies

Six new stakes have been organized, three in Brazil, two in Chile, and one in Arizona.

The Gilbert Arizona Highland Stake, which includes the Gilbert 3rd and 6th, Highland, Monterey, Sossaman and Voyager wards, has been created by Elder Harold G. Hillam of the Presidency of the Seventy.The Goiania Brazil East Stake and the Porto Velho Brazil Stake have been created by Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy. The Goiania East stake includes the Aparecida, Colina Azul, Crimeia, Novo Mundo, Universitario and Vila Brasilia wards, and the Hidrolandia and Itatiaia branches. The Porto Velho stake includes the Jardim Eldorado, Jardim Mangueira, Mamore, Porto Velho and Rio Madeira wards, and the Ariquemes and Minas Flores branches.

The Rio de Janeiro Brazil Campo Grande Stake, which includes the Itaguai, Rio de Janeiro Campo Grande, Santa Cruz, Santa Margarida and Vila Nova wards, and the Campo Lindo, Cesario de Melo and Jardim Maraiulha branches has been created by Elder Dalles N. Archibald of the Seventy.

The Santa Cruz Chile Stake, which includes the Almendrosa, Nancagua, Paniague, Pichilemu and Unco wards, and the Chepica and Peralillo branches, has been created by area authority Eduardo A. Lamartine.

The Santiago Chile Gabriela Stake, which includes the El Molino, El Porvenir, El Remanso, Gabriela, La Foresta and La Obra wards, and the El Castillo branch, has been created by Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Scotland and South Africa, and in California, New Mexico and Utah.

New stakes

GILBERT ARIZONA HIGHLAND STAKE: (Nov. 24, 1996) Created from the Gilbert Arizona Greenfield and Gilbert Arizona Val Vista stakes. President - David E. LeSueur, 48, self-employed in farming and agriculture real estate; wife, Nancy Lee Rieby Lesueur. Counselors - Russell D. Thornock, 52, president of Federal Land Exchange Inc. and Uinta Investments Inc.; wife, Cathy Ann Andersen Thornock. Wallace B. Slade, 51, owner and broker for Watercanyon Realty Co. and owner of SRC Homes; wife, Deborah Adams Slade.

GOIANIA BRAZIL EAST STAKE: (Dec. 15, 1996) Created from the Goiania Brazil Stake. President - Jose Renato Ungarelli, 41, merchant; wife, Carmen Marizia Arautes de Ungarelli. Counselors - Elson Vieira Santos, 29, commercial representative; wife, Margarida da Cunha Lemos Noronha de Santos. Eterno Belarmino de Sousa, 51, salesman for Silvio Jeiculos; wife, Cleonice Medeiros Ferreira de Sousa.

PORTO VELHO BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 8, 1996) Created from the Porto Velho Brazil District. President - Jose Sanxer Paulino de Lacerda, 35, owner of laundry business; wife, Sara Jane Airton F. de Lacerda. Counselors - Adalberto Costor de Souza, 39, accountant; wife, Dalva Cordeiro M. de Souza. Diniz de Albuquerque, 23, employed by Western Journalists Co.; wife, Rosicleia Barbosa Gomes de Albuquerque.

RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL CAMPO GRANDE STAKE: (Dec. 15, 1996) Created from the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Campo Grande District. President - Jackson Alves dos Santos, 38, maintenance supervisor for Deseret Association; wife, Luziente da Costa de Santos. Counselors - Silvestre Prado de Souza Neto; wife, Vera Lucia de Melo de Neto. Laudeir Gomes Curty, 35, civil servant in government office of aeronautics; wife, Ercileia Elias dos Santos de Curty.

SANTA CRUZ CHILE STAKE: (Dec. 8, 1996) Created from the San Fernando Chile Stake. President - Rodolfo E. Herrera M., 44, maintenance service employee for Shell Santa Cruz; wife, Flor Irene Gonzalez D. de Herrera. Counselors - Carlos Gaete G., 40, consultant for Indap; wife, Estela de Las Mercedes Silva L. de Gaete. Sergio Mella C., 35, custody guard for Santander Bank; wife, Sandra del Carmen Verdugo L. de Mella.

SANTIAGO CHILE GABRIELA STAKE: (Dec. 8, 1996) Created from the Santiago Chile Puente Alto and Santiago Chile Vicuna Mackenna Stakes. President - Rene Esteban Del Pino G., 40, employed by construction company; wife, Maria Ines Pozo A. de Del Pino. Counselors - Raul Claudio Espinoza F., 32, manager; wife, Maria Irene Venegas T. de Espinoza. Juan Carlos Parra A., 32, construction supervisor for Pio V Ltd.; wife, Ana Luz Munoz V. de Parra.

Stake reorganizations

ABERDEEN SCOTLAND STAKE: (Oct. 27, 1996) President - Stewart M. Gilmour, 36, music teacher for Aberdeen City Council; succeeding James Rae Dressel; wife, Kay Henderson Gilmour. Counselors - Alistair J. Smith, 68, retired professor and police chief; wife, Edna Mabel Cantlay Smith. John L. Kennedy, 48, self-employed architectural consultant; wife, Jacqueline McKenzie Clark Kennedy.

ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO EAST STAKE: (Jan. 5, 1997) President - Ronald W. Grossarth, 59, manager for Public Service Co. of New Mexico, Energy Services; succeeding Robert Myron Pixton; wife, Ellen "K" Robins Grossarth. Counselors - Elwin L. Johnson, 54, engineer for Public Service Co. of New Mexico; wife, Keren Chipman Johnson. Kenneth R. Williams, 51, plant logistics manager for Philips Semiconductors; wife, Marilyn Roberta Ray Williams.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA KENNEDY STAKE: (Dec. 15, 1996) President - Mario Antonio Cuartas A., 32, distributor for Time Service; succeeding Hector Dario Cruz Arango; wife, Liliana Maria Sepulveda R. de Cuartas. Counselors - Alfonso Enrique Martinez L., 35, business consultant for Industrial Creations; wife, Iuz Maxima Pinzon C. de Martinez.

Jaime Triana, 51, warehouseman for the Church; wife, Esauiner Dora Vergara S. de Triana.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MONTE GRANDE STAKE: (Nov. 3, 1996) President - Carlos Alfredo Ferrari T., 48, employed in membership and statistics department for Church area office; succeeding Enrique Manuel Garcia; wife, Silvia Viviana De Yuliis G. de Ferrari. Counselors - Horacio Antonio Sittner V., 43, operator in metal factory; wife, Ana Maria Vicario P. de Sittner. Miguel Esteban Ocampo C., 43, assistant temple recorder; wife, Alicia Margarita Makrucz P. de Ocampo.

HIGHLAND CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 12, 1997) President - Kent A. Rex, 49, manufacturing plant manager for Allegiance Healthcare; succeeding Dennis Alvin Barlow; wife, Jolene Gentry Rex. Counselors - James R. Ellingson, 40, self-employed backhoe operator; wife, Dawn Rae Terry Ellinson. Stephen Hunter Tyler, 37, attorney; wife, Donna Jeanne Eady Tyler.

JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (Dec. 1, 1996) President - Alma W. Donly, 54, assistant general manager for Fedgen Insurance Limited; succeeding David John Barnett; wife, Bess DeWet Donly. Counselors - Eric P. Orchard, 53, financial consultant for Alexander Forbes; wife, Vera Elizabeth Hollick Orchard. Richard W. W. Beeton, 48, owner of Motivational Management Institute; wife, Evelymine Aleta Klopper Beeton.

MEDELLIN COLOMBIA BELEN STAKE: (Jan. 5, 1997) President - Eduardo E. Pastrana D., 39, physician; succeeding Harold Christian Cruz Arango; wife, Elsi Margarita Reyes M. de Pastrana D. de Pastrana. Counselors - Fabio Vallejo V., 52, carrier; wife, Mariela Del Socorro Chanci A. de Vallejo. John Jairo Velez M., 31, warehouse worker; wife, Elcy Catuno G. de Velez.

PROVO UTAH GRANDVIEW: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - L. Brenton Horton, retained. Counselors - Donald R. Tolman, 53, manager for U.S. Communications; wife, JoAnn Hughes Tolman. David M. Harmon, 61, construction supervisor for Action Target and self-employed masonry and concrete contractor; wife, Loa Joy Moesser Harmon.

SANTIAGO CHILE VICUNA MACKENNA STAKE: (Dec. 8, 1996) President - Heriberto Alberto Rojas H., 42, army officer; succeeding Rene Esteban Del Pino Garcia; wife, Elena Del Carmen Espinoza S. de Rojas. Counselors - Adolfo Raul Quintana G., 32, employed in purchase department for CIA Explotadora De Minas; wife, Silvana Loreto Ulloa C. de Quintana. Oscar Rodolfo Sepulveda O., 38, employed by the Church; wife, Margarita Olga Espinoza C. de Sepulveda.

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