A thought from the scriptures

Love one another; as I have loved you. - John 13:34

"May I offer four suggestions to help focus on principles that will make us kinder, gentler more harmonious and loving persons," said Elder W. Eugene Hansen of the Seventy during the October 1989 general conference.

"First, be considerate. Be sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, always careful not to demean or belittle by either word or act. Be encouraging, uplifting, careful not to break down a person's confidence. . . .

"Second, be complimentary. Look for attributes and acts of others that you can be genuinely complimentary of. Everyone is lifted by sincere and deserved commendation.

"Third, be charitable. . . . Charity is the opposite of selfishness. It means being generous and giving of both means and one's time in the service of others. We should have an element of sacrifice in our offerings and in the consecration of our time. We should strive to lift up those within our reach who are forlorn or who despair. . . .

"Fourth, be grateful. If we would show our love to our Heavenly Father, we would be grateful. We would show our gratitude by the way we live, not just by what we say or profess."

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