All things should be done in wisdom

During the Doctrine and Covenants Symposium Jan 25, Michael Wilcox, a faculty member at the institute adjacent to the University of Utah, shared several principles of consecration, found in D&C 38, that can help members live better lives today.

Church members should believe that all that they have and are is consecrated. (D&C 38:16) "If I believe that particular idea then I will understand that I must use my strength, my time, my talents, whatever I have, in the way the Lord would ask me to," he noted.- The earth is rich and there is enough for everyone. (D&C 38:17) "If I don't believe there is enough, what will my attitude be? I have got to get mine."

Church members should esteem their brothers as themselves, they must be as concerned about their brothers' needs as their own. (D&C 38:24-25) "This principle is such an important one that the Lord twice repeats it," continued Brother Wilcox. He cautioned Church members not to place occupations in a hierarchy, believing that one job is better than another.

Everything that members have belongs to the Lord and is a gift to them from Him. (D&C 38:39.) "This makes me a steward," Brother Wilcox said. "A steward is one that does not own, but manages. He manages it for someone else."

Church members should take the talents the Lord has given them and work hard. (D&C 38:40.)

Brother Wilcox also cautioned members to avoid debt. "I cannot consecrate what I don't own," he said.

He concluded by reminding the audience that "all these things must be done with wisdom and in moderation."

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