Video helps share gospel message

"In a world filled with subtle and hidden dangers, you can strengthen your family by turning to the teachings of Jesus Christ."

That is the message of the annual missionary fireside video that will be telecast over the Church's satellite system to help members share the gospel with their non-member and less-active friends and neighbors.The missionary satellite fireside and open house will be held Sunday, Feb. 23, at locally scheduled times. It will include remarks by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, interspersed between vignettes about families.

"The purpose of the broadcast and open house is to give friends and investigators an opportunity to learn more about the blessings of the restored gospel and the peace and happiness families can enjoy when parents teach correct principles," wrote President Boyd K. Packer, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve, in a letter to priesthood leaders.

Elder David B. Haight, also of the Quorum of the Twelve, chairman of the Missionary Executive Council, said:

"We invite members to bring their families and their friends, as well as stake and full-time missionaries to bring investigators to this missionary satellite broadcast.

"This satellite broadcast provides a way for those who are not of our faith and those who are less-active to meet with us in a friendly and informative activity."

He said that Elder Oaks will provide "inspired direction and the video will encourage each of us to strengthen our family relationships."

Elder Haight noted that local units may organize the open house to provide additional material so guests can receive messages about families, the Book of Mormon, the purpose of life, and the mission of the Savior.

"Stake and full-time missionaries should be ready to answer questions and meet new contacts," he said. "Those participating in the displays have an opportunity to share their testimonies of the gospel."

In his remarks on the video, Elder Oaks encourages parents to establish their families upon the rock of Christ to withstand the trials of the world.

"Pray together as a family," he says. "What better assurance can you give your children of your love and faith than for them to hear you pray to our Creator to bless and protect them."

Studying the scriptures together will help a family "experience a greater spirit of peace and love in your home," according to Elder Oaks.

He encourages families to spend one night a week together. "Gather your children together, and spend a few precious hours teaching one another and playing games, making plans and baking cookies and sharing talents. Make it a family affair and your love for one another can grow."

Elder Oaks concludes his message with his testimony of the Savior and by emphasizing that, "Of all Christ's teachings, love is the most important. . . . Love can overcome many parental mistakes in raising children. Love is the greatest principle to be learned and applied in a family setting."

Elder Earl C. Tingey of the Presidency of the Seventy and executive director of the Missionary Department, said, "The video that has been prepared for this open house has a message that can benefit all families, members and non-members alike. The broadcast provides an ideal opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to learn how the teachings of the Savior can help us find happiness in our homes and peace in our families.

"We hope that Church units will not only organize open houses around the broadcast, but will also record the program for use in the future."

The telecast will be sent to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, and will be in English, Spanish and French. Following the open house broadcast, the video will be made available through Church distribution centers.

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