This week in Church history

25 years ago

Mexico City was selected as the location for the Church's second area general conference the First Presidency announced, according to an article in the March 25, 1972, Church News. The area conference, Aug. 25-27, would follow the first, held in Manchester, England, by one year.

The article stated: "The area conference will draw its attendance from the more than 100,000 Spanish-speaking members of the Church in the Republic of Mexico and Central America."

The conference site would be the 18,000-seat National Auditorium.

"The first all-Spanish speaking stake was the Mexico City Stake organized in 1961," the article continued. "Since then four other stakes, officered by local members of the Church, have been organized. They are the Mexico City North, Mexico City East, Monterrey and Tampico stakes.

"The only stake in Central America is Guatemala City Stake organized in 1967."

Quote from the past

"In these days of uncertainty and unrest, liberty-loving peoples' greatest responsibility and paramount duty is to preserve and proclaim the freedom of the individual, his relationship to Deity, and the necessity of obedience to the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ." - President Harold B. Lee in the October 1972 general conference

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