Elder Christensen receives man of excellence award

Elder Joe J. Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventy was presented the Ricks College Man of Excellence award Feb. 23.

Elder Christensen, who served as president of the Church-owned school from 1985-1989, received the award during the Men's Week fireside in the Hart Auditorium. Ricks College Pres. Steven D. Bennion said the award is given annually to a man who can serve as a role model to young men.Elder Christensen has unquestionable integrity, Pres. Bennion said, adding that the General Authority knows what work is and the joy it brings. "He spends his life blessing and teaching others and believes service is a hallmark. His life is one of excellence - excellence in his service."

During Elder Christensen's presidential tenure, the college reached its enrollment peak of 7,500 students. Enrollment records were set for each of the eight semesters he led the school.

"He's a great champion of Ricks College," Pres. Bennion added.

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