Husbands, wives make spouse pre-eminent in life

At the October 1994 general conference, President Howard W. Hunter spoke of the relationship that a man holding the priesthood should have with his wife and children.

"With a knowledge of the plan of salvation as a foundation, a man who holds the priesthood looks upon marriage as a sacred privilege and obligation," President Hunter said. "It is not good for man nor for woman to be alone. Man is not complete without woman. Neither can fill the measure of their creation without the other. (See 1 Cor. 11:11; Moses 3:18.) Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God. (See D&C 49:15-17.) Only through the new and everlasting covenant of marriage can they realize the fulness of eternal blessings." (See D&C 131:1-4; 132:15-19.)President Hunter said that a man who holds the priesthood shows perfect moral fidelity to his wife and gives her no reason to doubt his faithfulness. "A husband is to love his wife with all his heart and cleave unto her and none else.' (See D&C 42:22--26). President Spencer W. Kimball explained:

" `The words none else eliminate everyone and everything. The spouse then becomes pre-eminent in the life of the husband or wife and neither social life nor occupational life nor political life nor any other interest nor person nor thing shall ever take precedence over the companion spouse.' (The Miracle of Forgiveness

Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1969T, p. 250.)

"The Lord forbids and His church condemns any and every intimate relationship outside of marriage. Infidelity on the part of a man breaks the heart of his wife and loses her confidence and the confidence of his children. (See Jacob 2:35.)

"Be faithful in your marriage covenants in thought, word, and deed. Pornography, flirtations, and unwholesome fantasies erode one's character and strike at the foundation of a happy marriage. Unity and trust within a marriage are thereby destroyed. One who does not control his thoughts and thus commits adultery in his heart, if he does not repent, shall not have the Spirit but shall deny the faith and shall fear." (See D&C 42:23; 63:16.)

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