Members filled with desire to gather, build Zion

Regarding D&C 57, Hyrum M. Smith and Janne M. Sjodahl, in their Doctrine and Covenants Commentary, provide this background pertaining to the gathering of the Saints to Zion (Independence, Mo.) in the 1830s:

"As soon as this Revelation had been received, Edward Partridge and the other brethren appointed to `plant' themselves in Zion, began the work of building. During the first winter the settlers put up with many inconveniences. In some log cabins, without windows and with the frozen ground for floors, several families were living together. They had very little to eat, but they were united, and their hearts were filled with brotherly love and a fervent desire to build up Zion. As a consequence, their meetings were times of refreshing, and in their family devotions they were blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. And as soon as the Saints in Ohio and elsewhere learned that the site of the City of Zion had been made known, the spirit of gathering was poured out upon them, and many sent money to Sidney Gilbert, the agent, and instructed him to secure land for them. So rapidly did they gather, that in 1832, there were 830 souls in the new settlements, and a certain degree of prosperity had begun to attend their efforts."Very soon the spirit of the world entered the Church in Zion. Seven High Priests, Oliver Cowdery, William W. Phelps, John Whitmer, Sidney Gilbert, Edward Partridge, Isaac Morley, and John Corrill, had been appointed to preside over the saints in Missouri, but many of those who came, refused to acknowledge their authority. Others did not obey the Law of Consecration. Jealousies, covetousness, light-mindedness were followed by neglect to keep the commandments of God, and His wrath was kindled against Zion. A word of warning seemed to have the desired effect, for a general assembly was called and the Saints promised repentance. However, the Spirit of Revelation indicated that they must pass through tribulation, before they could receive the blessings in Zion. This remarkable prediction was fulfilled, for they were driven out of Missouri, and the persecution extended into Illinois, until the Church had no resting-place within the confines of the United States, but was compelled to go to the Mountains, as foretold by the Prophet."

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