New stake presidencies

Three new stakes have been created, in Brazil, Italy and Missouri.

The Guaratingueta Brazil Stake, which includes the Guaratingueta 1st and 2nd, Lorena and Taubate 1st wards, and Cachoeira Paulista, Campos do Jordao, Centro, Cruzeiro, Pindamonhangaba and Taubate 2nd branches has been created by Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy.The Platte City Missouri Stake, which includes the Leavenworth 2nd and 3rd, Platte City, Platte Woods, and St. Joseph 1st and 2nd wards, and the Albany, Leavenworth 1st and Maryville branches has been created by Elder Hugh W. Pinnock of the Seventy.

The Puglia Italy Stake, Italy's third stake, which includes the Bari Liberta, Bari Poggiofranco, Foggia and Taranto 1st wards, and Barletta, Bitonto, Brindisi and Lecce branches has been created by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in California, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Texas and Utah.

New stakes

GUARATINGUETA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 23, 1997) Created from the Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil Stake, and Guaratingueta Brazil and Taubate Brazil districts. President - Pedro Guilherme L. de Carvalho Bruno, 36, dispatcher and courier; wife, Eliane Carpenter de Medeiros Bruno. Counselors - Joao Batista Silva, 43, federal worker; wife, Stela Maria Abrao da Silva. Otacilio Rodrigues Simoes, 46, self-employed courier; wife, Tamia Mara Espindola da Silva Simoes.

PLATTE CITY MISSOURI STAKE: (March. 9, 1997) Created from the Lenexa Kansas and Liberty Missouri stakes. President - Ronald B. Stapley, 60, manager of applied science and research services for Nestle; wife, Julie Ann Nielson Stapley. Counselors - Michael L. McKee, 49, operations manager for Summit Solutions Inc.; wife, Nadine Drommond McKee. Martin A. Johnson, 50, dean of liberal arts and sciences at Missouri Western State College; wife, Leslie Kay Duffin Johnson.

PUGLIA ITALY STAKE: (March 9, 1997) Created from the Puglia Italy District. President - Giovanni Carlo Dicarolo, 37, teacher; wife, Beatrice Ferrazzano Dicarolo. Counselors - Michele Modugno, 35, genealogy microfilm operator; wife, Maddalcena Gallone Modugno. Vincenzo Castaldo, 43, technician for ILVA; wife, Vittoria Elvira Del Duca Castaldo.

Stake reorganizations

ARCADIA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Feb. 23, 1997) President - James R. Corrigan, 62, retired police chief for Salinas, Calif.; succeeding Melvyn Kemp Reeves; wife, Donna Lou Hansen Corrigan. Counselors - Michael K. Parson, 52, director of institute of religion at USC; wife, Terry Lou Bickmore Parson. Michael R. Sears, 41, insurance salesman for Beneficial Life Co.; wife, Julie Jennalyn Bourgeous Sears.

CALDWELL IDAHO NORTH STAKE: (March 9, 1997) President - David R. McCune, 47, vice president and manager of private banking for Wells Fargo Bank; succeeding Boyd Eugene Wise; wife, Nancy Sorensen McCune. Counselors - John C. Gabrielsen, 45, owner and manager of Gabe's Auto Parts; wife, Cindy Joleen Putnam Gabrielsen. David E. Cole, 44, purchasing agent for Priest's Electric; wife, Crystal Dawn Ashby Cole.

CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS STAKE: (March 16, 1997) President - T. Bryan Grande, 49, claims representative for Social Security Administration; succeeding Joe Stanley Graham Jr.; wife, Rachel Cortez Grande. Counselors - V. Alan Curtis, 55, regional coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Carolyn Cutler Curtis. Stanley R. Gilbert, 44, technical and business development manager for Encycle; wife, Jolene Hardman Gilbert.

GAINESVILLE FLORIDA STAKE: (March 16, 1997) President - Brent J. Ostermiller, 48, senior facilities engineer for Lockheed Martin; succeeding Vernie L. Corbett; wife, Joyce Fay McCoy Ostermiller. Counselors - John S. Anderson, 47, president of NationMARK Inc.; wife, Coral Heatherly Anderson. D. Owen Rae, 44, associate veterinarian professor at University of Florida; wife, Elizabeth Ann Robertson Rae.

LENEXA KANSAS STAKE: (March 9, 1997) President - Donald D. Deshler, retained. Counselors - Wayne K. Miller, retained. Laurence M. Crane, 41, director of education and training for National Crop Insurance Services; wife, Linda LeBaron Crane.

MIDVALE UTAH EAST STAKE: (Feb. 23, 1997) President - Maurice B Keetch, 51, regional sales manager for Deutsche Financial Services; succeeding Lewis Burton Hooker; wife, Roslyn Rees Keetch. Counselors - Laron C. Olson, 53, guidance counselor for Granite School District; wife, Darlene Rich Olson. Paul F. Astin, 53, supervisor for Mountain Fuel Supply; wife, Tamara Lee Arbon Astin.

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