Be willing to share temporal blessings

At the April 1980 general conference, Elder Ronald E. Poelman of the Seventy said: "The Lord tells us in Section 70 of the Doctrine and Covenants that an abundance of the manifestation of the Spirit among us depends upon our willingness to share temporal blessings. (See D&C 70:12-14.)

"Therefore, we must sacrifice our narrow traditions, local interests, and selfish pride to achieve the love and unity indispensable in a Zion society. The principles of love, service, work, self-reliance, consecration, and stewardship must relate to a specific plan, in a particular area, to serve individual needs with well-managed resources. Personal and family preparedness and local self-sufficiency must be related to identified communities, families, production projects, and storehouses."The abstract becomes concrete when we identify welfare services principles with people, places, and things we know. Temporal application of spiritual laws transforms theology into religion.

"Through priesthood councils we may, in wisdom and order, most effectively use welfare services to administer to the spiritual and temporal needs of the poor, thus experiencing the gospel in action and learning to live the Christian life. . . . "

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