Share gospel, President Faust urges Taiwan LDS

President James E. Faust, second counselor in the First Presidency, paid his first visit to this nation and spoke to more than 3,500 people in six meetings in Taipei and Kaohsiung April 24-27.

During the visit, President Faust also met with Dr. Hsiao-yi Chin, director of the National Palace Museum of Taipei, and the two exchanged gifts. He was accompanied on the visit by his wife, Ruth, and by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve and his wife, Dantzel. Elder Kwok Yuen Tai of the Seventy and president of the Asia Area, and his wife, Hui Hua, who reside in Hong Kong, accompanied the group in Taiwan. Elder Shih-An Liang, an Area Authority Seventy, participated."We have come to teach and strengthen testimonies, and we will be generous with our witness and our blessings," President Faust said to priesthood leaders.

He reminded leaders that they were pioneers in their own land, and encouraged them to tell their children and grandchildren about the beginnings of the Church in Taiwan. "Bear your testimony of how you entered the Church," he said.

He addressed some 2,000 members in the Taipei International Convention Center and some 1,500 members in the National Kaohsiung Normal University Activity Center.

In Taipei, he reviewed with members the four challenges they were issued by President Gordon B. Hinckley during his visit there in 1996. These challenges were to have family prayer, regular home evenings, attend sacrament meetings, and pay an honest tithe. President Faust added a fifth, to attend the temple often and encouraged the members to study the scriptures regularly.

In Kaohsiung, President Faust encouraged members to share the gospel, and quipped: "You can do it; I can't. They can't understand me - you have to do it."

President Faust testified that Jesus Christ directs the Church.

"I sit on the left hand of President Hinckley who holds all the keys of the kingdom of God on earth. I sit with him many hours each day. I can see the hand of the Savior directing the affairs of the Church through President Hinckley."

In his remarks, Elder Nelson encouraged members to be ready to quickly and accurately explain how the Church is different from other religions. He counseled priesthood leaders to be liberal in the way they bless God's children. He told of the various responsibilities of Jesus Christ and testified of His glorious return to rule and reign in the millennium as Lord of Lords.

"It is my special privilege to stand as a special witness of the name of Jesus Christ and testify that He is the Son of God," he said.

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