New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in the Philippines. The Oroquieta Philippines Stake, which includes the Jimenez, Mobod, Oroquieta, Talairon, and Villaflor wards, and the Aloran, Calamba, and Plaridel Misamis Occidental branches, was created by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in England and Uruguay, and in Florida, Pennsylvania and Utah.

New stake

OROQUIETA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (April 20, 1997) Created from the Oroquieta Philippines District. President - Arturo Bugas Macalisang, 53, employed on the planning staff for DPWH, Area Equipment Services; wife, Florencia Abad Orquillas Macalisang. Counselors - Albert Mondale Tero, 37, buyer for provincial government; wife, Ruby Pastrano Sy Tero. Glicerio Vicente Apos, 68, retired policeman; wife, Cinderilla Humaur Clarite Apos.

Stake reorganizations

HOMESTEAD FLORIDA STAKE: (Feb. 16, 1997) President - M. Anthony Burns, 54, chairman, president and chief executive officer for Ryder System Inc.; succeeding D. Michael Madsen; wife, Joyce Jordan Burns. Counselors - Ronald A. Bryce, 49, partner of Arthur Andersen LLP.; wife, Sonja Joan Hall Bryce. Todd R. Cates, 28, financial representative for Fidelity Investments; wife, Sulayma Maria Palomo Sanchez Cates.

MANCHESTER ENGLAND STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President - Dale Arthur Skidmore, 38, director and owner of Cramworth Chemists; succeeding Graham Pilkington; wife, Lesley Wilkinson Skidmore. Counselors - David R. Martin, 32, accountant for Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd.; wife, Karyn Elizabeth Saunders Martin. Sean P. Roberts, 34, sales manager for BK Forktrucks Ltd.; wife, Justine Platt Roberts.

MOUNT PLEASANT UTAH STAKE: (March 16, 1997) President - George W. Johansen, 55, owner and manager of George W. Johansen Construction; succeeding Harold LaNae Mickel; wife, Barbara Ann Graff Johansen. Counselors - Earl D. Clark, 55, Sanpete County treasurer; wife, Leslie Jensen Clark. Kenneth Darell Palmer, 50, vice president and loan officer for Bank of Ephraim; wife, Charlene Brothersen Palmer.

ORLANDO FLORIDA SOUTH STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President - W. Blake Sonne, 54, retired chief operating officer for Arnold Palmer Golf Mgt. Co.; succeeding Carl Edward Reynolds Jr.; wife, Elizabeth Kay Bickmore Sonne. Counselors - Norbert B. Krause, 52, project manager for Walt Disney World Co.; wife, Sabra Jene Shuster Krause. Norman L. Merritt Jr., 36, executive vice president of travel operations for Universal Studios Florida; wife, Armenay Faye Ouzounian Merritt.

PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA NORTH STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President - Robert C. Oaks, 61, senior vice president of operations for US Airways; succeeding Reed C. Cook; wife, Gloria Un-ger Oaks. Counselors - Dan B. Skoubye, 45, Church Educational System coordinator; wife, Julia Hendricks Skoubye. William D. Jeffries, 40, owner and president of Avantor Corp.; wife, Valerie Ellen Smith Jeffries.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 1ST STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President - Robert Owen Boyer, 50, dentist; succeeding Dale Gunner Renlund; wife, Janice Kay Henrie Boyer. Counselors - Keith A. Poelman, 56, business department program director at LDS Business College; wife, Linda Lee Clark Poelman. James P. Christensen, 63, chairman of Christensen & Combs; wife, Metta Alice Hedor Christensen.

SALTO URUGUAY STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President - Heber Dario Gimenez F., 43, administrator of Social Provision Bank; succeeding Jorge Washington Techeira; wife, Grayling Altair M. Gonzalez de Gimenez. Counselors - Walter Dan Rivero M., 31, maintenance manager for Calsa L Cooperative; wife, Caryl Lynn D. Gimenez de Rivero. Jorge Eduardo Araujo C., 26, salesman for El Revoltijo S.A.; wife, Susele Isobel G. Hernandez de Araujo.

SANDY UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President - Paul F. Reed, 46, director of marketing for Norbest Inc.; succeeding Edwin Kent Pulsipher; wife, Linda Ellen Tufts Reed. Counselors - Joseph W. Pfeifer, 46, vice president of operations for Standard Supply Electronics; wife, Colleen Brimley Pfeifer. Jerry V. Hansen, 50, technician for Hansen, Allen & Luce Engineers; wife, Irene Kay Miller Hansen.

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