New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

The Arequipa Peru Hunter Stake, which includes the Alcides Carrion, Augusto Freyre, Avelino Caceres, Berlin, Hunter, and San Juan De Dios wards, and the Buena Vista, Leon Del Sur, and Palacio branches, has been created by Elder Francisco J. Vinas of the Seventy.The Bogota Colombia Granada Stake, which includes the Chia, Granada, Los Cedros, Magdala, Sesquile, and Villa Del Prado wards, and the Cajica, Gilmar, and Verbenal branches, has been created by Elder Carl B. Pratt, an Area Authority Seventy.

The Mexico City Mexico Xalostoc Stake, which includes the Campina, Jardines, Porvenir, Tenochtitlan, and Xalostoc wards, has been created by Elder Octaviano Tenorio, an Area Authority Seventy.

The Neiva Colombia Stake, which includes the Central, El Jardin, Las Granjas, Las Palmas, Quebraditas, and Ventilador wards, has been created by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy.

The Santiago Chile Fermin Vivaceta Stake, which includes the Baron Juras Real, Conchali 13th, 14th and 15th, Fermin Vivaceta, and Quilicura 2nd wards, has been created by Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

New stakes

AREQUIPA PERU HUNTER STAKE: (May 25, 1997) Created from the Arequipa Peru Central Stake. President - Alberto Enrique Mansilla L., 36, Church Educational System Coordinator; wife, Ana Maria Vera M. de Mansilla. Counselors - Raul Edgar Jauregui M., 41, professor at Santa Maria Catholic University; wife, Sorelinda Vera M. de Jauregui. Yuri Delgado de la Flor G., 32, sales executive for Computer Center S.A.; wife, Saby Stella Santiago L. de Delgado de la Flor.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA GRANADA STAKE: (April 13, 1997) Created from the Bogota Colombia Stake. President - Hector Hernandez M., 41, finance manager for Church Area office; wife, Cristina Constanza Cristancho R. de Hernandez. Counselors - Edgar Gomez L., 40, supervisor of real estate for Church Area office; wife, Muecia Latorre de Gomez. Jose De Los Santos G., 50, projects manager for Produiriox; wife, Rita Antonia Cely de Guauque de Santos.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO XALOSTOC STAKE: (May 18, 1997) Created from the Mexico City Mexico Azteca Stake. President - Jose Luis Escobar M., 37, sales manager for arts and paints supply business; wife, Consuelo Quiterio H. de Escobar. Counselors - Jorge Fernando Ortega G., 37, manager and owner of Techno's Maintenance; wife, Blanca Margarita Vazquez Q. de Ortega. Victor Osorio V., 32, electrician; wife, Juana Sanchez F. de Osorio.

NEIVA COLOMBIA STAKE: (May 25, 1997) Created from the Neiva Colombia District. President - Carlos Julio Cubillos M., 46; wife, Cecilia Isanez B. de Cubillos. Counselors - Salomon Valencia, 34, road worker; wife, Nida Astudilla S. de Valencia. Juan Manuel Beltxan V., 33, police officer; wife, Luz Mixyan Leon R. de Beltxan.

SANTIAGO CHILE FERMIN VIVACETA STAKE: (May 18, 1997) Created from the Santiago Chile Quilicura Stake. President - Leopoldo Segundo Parra S., 35, operations manager for Big John Minimarket, S.A.; wife, Ana Maria Gallardo F. de Parra. Counselors - Pedro Jose Trivino V., 50, self-employed window display decorator; wife, Ester Gladys Gallardo A. de Trivino. Osvaldo Segundo Araya H., 39, ; wife, Eliana Del Carmen Reinoso A. de Araya.

Stake reorganizations

AREQUIPA PERU CENTRAL STAKE: (May 25, 1997) President - Miguel Angel Gonzales D., 30, digitator of electrical systems for JRC-Seal; succeeding Alberto Enrique Mansilla Luque; wife, Aida Natali Ezratty S. de Gonzales. Counselors - Fredy Martin Poire P., 34, general coordinator for Kolob; wife, Juana Marilu Mocarro M. de Poire. Jose Manuel Rodriguez S., 30, construction worker for Linares & Linares Contractors; wife, Gloria Arve B. de Rodriguez.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President - Mario Rojas L., 53, central employees coordinator for Church Area office; succeeding Hector Alfonso Hernandez Malaver; wife, Bethsy Castaneda A. de Rojas. Counselors - Noel Alberto Diaz G., 40, general manager for Cata S.A./Gragolt; wife, Nory Lara N. de Diaz. Jaime Rey A., 43, master general agent for International Health Insurance; wife, Maria Claudia Quintero P. de Rey.

GUAYANA VENEZUELA STAKE: (May 4, 1997) President - Pier Angelo Dotter C., 34, operations technician for Veralum; succeeding Oscar Jaime Parra Urdaneta; wife, Marisela Pastora R. de Dottor. Counselors - Luis Jose Munoz M., 35, administrative manager Distribuidora El Truinto; wife, Norida Rondon Chaghan de Munoz. Omar Bosch V., 33, industrial mechanic for A.U.C.A.; wife, Rosa Prudencia Auila B. de Bosch.

MAR DEL PLATA ARGENTINA STAKE: (May 18, 1997) President - Alejandro S. Patania, 37, maintenance technician for office and computer machines; succeeding Patricio Hortal; wife, Sabina Angela Tesoro V. de Patania. Counselors - Gabriel Garaguso H., 46, director and manager of accounting for city; wife, Catalina Mancusi de Garaguso. Luis Spina G., 33, market investigator and auditor for A.C. Nielsen; wife, Laura Alejandra Rodriguez de Spina.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO AZTECA STAKE: (May 18, 1997) President - Fernando Daniel G., 34, building restorer for Sedesol; succeeding Samuel Castro Camacho; wife, Maria De Los Angeles Cruz M. de Daniel. Counselors - Jose Luis Andrade D., 34, coordination editor for Gem Publishers S.A.; wife, Patricia Palacios H. de Andrade. Javier Morales V., 40, sales supervisor for Church area office; wife, Eduwiges Elia Vazquez B. de Morales.

PEREIRA COLOMBIA STAKE: (May 18, 1997) President - Gilberto Antonio Valencia Q., 34, sales contractor for Ruben Darjo Jalencia; succeeding Jose Luis Gonzalez Guiterrez; wife, Martha Lucia Marin O. de Valencia. Counselors - Julio Bernal H., 35, production manager for Masom Transportation; wife, Martha Inas Gutiarraz E. de Bernal. Nelson Valencia C., 36, systems technician for planetarium; wife, Diana Lucia Clavijo R. de Valencia.

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