Church releases new PAF version for computers

A new DOS version of Personal Ancestral File 3.0, the computer program that helps compile and organize family history information, has just been released, according to the Family History Department of the Church.

Users of the new release can update and use data from previous versions of Personal Ancestral File. The following new features are among the major changes made to the software:- Larger data files; up to 1 million records.

Longer name, data and place fields.

Diacritics and special character capability.

Search by focusing on marriage information.

Easy switching between files.

Easier data entry from the Small Pedigree screen, formerly known as Pedigree Search.

Ability to link a child to more than one family (adopted, guardian, etc).

Ability to add and store sources.

Ability to add notes to marriage records.

Improved notes editor.

Ability to correct Ancestral File records and submit corrections.

Improved reports and charts.

Improved mouse functionality.

Personal Ancestral File 3.0 is available from the Salt Lake Distribution Center or a local Church distribution center for $15 - the same for registered, non-registered and first-time users. The package contains the software on 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch high-density diskettes, the Personal Ancestral File 3.0 User's Guide, an order form for software on low-density diskettes (if needed), and the Getting Started manual.

To successfully run Personal Ancestral File 3.0 for MS-DOS, the following minimum system configuration is recommended:

IBM compatible computer with a 286 or higher processor

MS-DOS 3.3 or higher. (Note: Although Personal Ancestral File was not designed as a Windows product, in most cases it has run successfully with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.)

640 KB of RAM.

A hard drive with 2.5 MB of disk space available (will not run on a dual-floppy system).

At least one floppy disk drive.

Printer and mouse (optional).

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