Young women commitment displayed on a quilt

Returning to their hotel room from the first day of dedicatory sessions of the St. Louis Missouri Temple, President Gordon B. Hinckley and Sister Marjorie Hinckley were met with a surprise.

Scores of young women and their leaders from the Salina Kansas Stake, in town for the temple dedication, crowded into the lobby of the Marriott West Hotel. They awaited the prophet's return to give him an early birthday gift and present Sister Hinckley with a special token of admiration."The young women of our stake have made a quilt for the prophet," stake Pres. Thomas R. Coleman told the Church News before the Hinckleys' arrival. "It says we sustain the prophet. They've each embroidered their hand with their name on the quilt. And they are also presenting three pins with emblems of Church auxiliaries on them to Sister Hinckley."

The objective, said stake Young Women Pres. Sylvia Moore, was "to teach the Young Women what it means to sustain the prophet. That's why we have the right hand on the quilt pieces."

The theme of sustaining the prophet has been emphasized all year, she explained.

Presented along with the quilt was an album with a quilted cover containing the written testimony and picture of each of the 105 Young Women whose hands are represented on the quilt.

The three pins given to Sister Hinckley were made by Sister Moore, a jewelry designer. Tiny components in the pins symbolize various aspects of each organization.

The Relief Society pin contains the organization's emblem, an image of a pioneer woman, the Relief Society helping hand, the Angel Moroni and the scriptures.

The Young Women pin has the Young Women emblem, scriptures, a crystal that represents the Value Colors, the Angel Moroni and a heart.

The Primary pin depicts children, scripture stories, the words "I Am a Child of God," a CTR ring, a musical note, the Angel Moroni and a heart.

The Hinckleys were clearly surprised and pleased with the gathering.

"How very, very, very nice of you," President Hinckley said and added, "It's not my birthday yet!" (The prophet observes his 87th birthday on June 23.)

"Oh, that's beautiful!" Sister Hinckley exclaimed when presented with the pins.

"It was very overwhelming to feel his love," said a tearful Gretchen Guccione, one of the young women, regarding the opportunity to see the prophet in person.

"We just wanted to cry when we saw him," added Jaqie Price. Both are members of the Salina Ward.

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