Greeley, Colo.: Dramas play part in conference

Stories of faith from members of the Greeley Colorado Stake and their ancestors were presented in mini-dramas during a recent stake women's conference, entitled "Patterns of Faith."

Nearly 400 women in attendance laughed and cried as they watched vignettes retelling the personal triumphs and trials of past and present pioneers.The short stories presented were each represented by a handmade quilt square. The squares were pinned to a vertical quilt frame for display before each sketch. Following the conference a quilt block was given to each ward of the stake to display in its Relief Society room.

"Because of the great growth of the Church in recent years," said Michelle Sandberg, Greeley Stake Relief Society president, "many members do not have a direct connection to the pioneers who crossed the plains. But ancestry is only a piece of the pattern. Each person present is a part of the design, because each of us is a pioneer. We walk by faith today as they did then."

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