Applying the scriptures: `Our imperative need is to be found doing our duty'

"While wrestling in my mind with a problem I thought to be of serious consequence I went to my knees in prayer," said President Gordon B. Hinckley at the April 1983 general conference. "There came into my mind a feeling of peace and the words of the Lord, `Be still and know that I am God.'

"I turned to the scripture and read this reassuring statement spoken to the Prophet Joseph Smith[ in 1833]: `Let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.' (D&C 101:16.)"God is weaving His tapestry according to His own grand design. All flesh is in His hands. It is not our prerogative to counsel Him. It is our responsibility and our opportunity to be at peace in our minds and in our hearts, and to know that He is God, that this is His work, and that He will not permit it to fail.

"We have no need to fear. We have no need to worry. We have no need to speculate. Our imperative need is to be found doing our duty individually in the callings which have come to us. And because, for the most part, the Latter-day Saints are walking in faith and working with conviction, the Church is consistently growing ever stronger."

President Hinckley said further: "We thank the Lord, whose cause this is, for the marvelous growth now being experienced. The strengthening faith of the people is evident in increased sacrament meeting attendance, in temple attendance, and in the payment of tithes and offerings, which becomes an expression of their love for the Lord and of His generous blessings even in these times of economic distress.

"Speaking in this Tabernacle . . . at the April 1883 general conference, President Joseph F. Smith said, `Now, so long as the Latter-day Saints are content to obey the commandments of God, to appreciate the privileges and blessings which they enjoy in the Church, and will use their time, their talents, their substance, in honor to the name of God, to build up Zion, and to establish truth and righteousness in the earth, so long our heavenly Father is bound by His oath and covenant to protect them from every opposing foe, and to help them to overcome every obstacle that can possibly be arrayed against them or thrown in their pathway.' (Journal of Discourses 24:176.) Those words are as pertinent today as they were when spoken

in 1883T.

"The Almighty is blessing His Church and His people. He is watching over them. He neither slumbers nor sleeps as He guides, directs, and moves in His own `mysterious way His wonders to perform.' "

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