Pageant in Castle Valley is all about `crying, laughing, feeling'

The Castle Valley Pageant, which began in 1978 as a ward road show, passed another milestone this year by attracting 26,000 spectators, an increase of 3,000 more than the previous year.

"It was a great year," said Randy Johnson, first counselor in the pageant presidency, following two weekends of performances that ended Aug. 9.With thick, dark rain clouds hovering in the sky, this year's performance will also be remembered as the year it "rained about any time it could, except during pageant performances," Brother Johnson said.

"I overheard one person wonder out loud how we were able to have lightning in the background of the crucifixion scene."

"This pageant is all about feelings," Brother Johnson explained. "This pageant speaks to human hearts by portraying scenes of pioneer ancestry - with their trials and tribulations - and connecting them with the eternal principles of the gospel."

The Castle Valley Pageant uses the natural setting of the foothills above Castle Dale to portray the pioneer history of the area and how settlers from Sanpete County were called to go over the mountain to establish Castle Dale.

"The pageant makes you laugh, it makes you cry," Brother Johnson said. "It speaks to peoples' hearts."

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